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HSA 501 Week 8 Assignment 2: Managing Health Care Quality

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IntroductionIn any business the customer should be the focus, in the healthcare system patient satisfaction is key. Patient satisfaction should always be the primary focus of the healthcare system, ... and providing quality healthcare. The American Hospital Association (AHA) was founded in the year 1898 to help hospitals improve the quality of care they provide on a daily basis. The AHA is able to do this by providing information and assistance on how to improve care and by working with federal lawmakers, regulators and research agencies to create a policy environment on which quality and safety can thrive ("Quality and Patient Safety," n.d.). As the administrator for Sunlight Hospital in California it is my job to make sure the hospital is running appropriately and providing quality care to our patients. The Sunlight Hospital in California is a reputable health care facility; however it has come to my attention that our patients are complaining about the quality of care they are receiving from the hospital. I’ve made numerous visits to the hospital and noticed that the employees don’t really interact with the patients. They are missing that special bedside manner that most patients are looking for. I also learned that the patients do the love the hospital, but they would like to see certain improvements in care. I’m happy that the patients love the hospital, and I intend on setting new goals for the hospital to make sure the patients satisfied with their overall stay not just the hospital itself. I want Sunlight Hospital to be the hospital of choice for our patients, and I want our patients recommend this hospital to all their family and friends. [Show More]

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