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GCSE MATHEMATICS 8300/2H Higher Tier Paper 2 Calculato

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Glossary for Mark Schemes GCSE examinations are marked in such a way as to award positive achievement wherever possible. Thus, for GCSE Mathematics papers, marks are awarded under various categorie... s. If a student uses a method which is not explicitly covered by the mark scheme the same principles of marking should be applied. Credit should be given to any valid methods. Examiners should seek advice from their senior examiner if in any doubt. M Method marks are awarded for a correct method which could lead to a correct answer. A Accuracy marks are awarded when following on from a correct method. It is not necessary to always see the method. This can be implied. B Marks awarded independent of method. ft Follow through marks. Marks awarded for correct working following a mistake in an earlier step. SC Special case. Marks awarded for a common misinterpretation which has some mathematical worth. M dep A method mark dependent on a previous method mark being awarded. B dep A mark that can only be awarded if a previous independent mark has been awarded. oe Or equivalent. Accept answers that are equivalent. eg accept 0.5 as well as 2 1 [a, b] Accept values between a and b inclusive. [a, b) Accept values a ≤ value < b 3.14… Accept answers which begin 3.14 eg 3.14, 3.142, 3.1416 Use of brackets It is not necessary to see the bracketed work to award the marks [Show More]

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