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NESTA FINAL Questions and Answers 2022/2023 with 100% correct

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NESTA FINAL Questions and Answers 2022/2023 with 100% correct What are the four steps in "Bridging the Gap"? {{Ans- Assess, Design, Instruct, Re-assess What is an implicit goal? {{Ans- Implie... d but not mentioned What is an explicit goal? {{Ans- Goals that are mentioned What is the kinetic chain, and what is its function? {{Ans- Composed of nervous system, muscular system, and skeletal system. Chain of systems that link together to create human movements. What is smooth muscle tissue? {{Ans- Involuntary actions (digestive tract, bladder, uterus, blood vessel walls) No striations What is cardiac muscle tissue? {{Ans- Involuntary but has some striations; Heart What is skeletal muscle tissue? {{Ans- Voluntary movements; all muscles controlling movements What are the three layers of muscle fascia? {{Ans- Epimysium (outer), perimysium, endomysium (inner) What are mechanoreceptors? {{Ans- Respond to touch, pressure, vibrations, or stretch. What are thermoreceptors? {{Ans- Respond to changes in temperature. What are nociceptors? {{Ans- Respond to painful stimuli. What are photoreceptors? {{Ans- Respond to light to allow vision. What are chemoreceptors? {{Ans- Respond to chemical stimuli (food odors, carbon dioxide, glucose). What is the function of the somatic nervous system? {{Ans- Innervates skeletal muscle to create movement via motor neurons. Always excitatory. What is the sympathetic nervous system? {{Ans- "Fight or flight" Blood pressure/heart rate increase, digestive slowing. What is the parasympathetic nervous system? {{Ans- "Rest and digest" Blood pressure/heart rate decrease, digestive increases. What is the structure of the motor unit? {{Ans- Motor neuron, muscle fibers, motor end plates What is the sliding filament theory? {{Ans- Elements will slide over each other; sarcomeres shortening together, causing muscle to contract as a whole. What is the role of the Myosin ATPase in a muscle action? {{Ans- Interactions of actin and myosin during muscle contraction. How does the Myosin head bind to the Actin filaments in a muscle action? {{Ans- Slide and overlap What is the role of the prime mover (agonist)? {{Ans- Acts directly to bring about a desired movement. What is the role of the assistant mover (synergist)? {{Ans- Assists indirectly to bring about a desired movement. What is the role of the antagonist? {{Ans- Opposes the concentric muscle action of agonist (more susceptible to injury). What is the role of the stabilizer? {{Ans- Responsible for stabilizing. What is the role of the neutralizer? {{Ans- Responsible for eliminating and canceling out undesired movement. What is the Type I muscle fiber? {{Ans- Red, slow twitch, aerobic fibers (endurance; longer than 3 minutes). What is the Type IIA muscle fiber? {{Ans- Pink, moderately fast twitch (strength; 30 seconds - 2 minutes). What is the Type IIB muscle fiber? {{Ans- White, fast twitch, anaerobic fibers (1RM, hypertrophy, explosive movements). What is hypertrophy? {{Ans- Increase in size of myofibrils What is hyperplasia? {{Ans- Increase in number of muscle cells What is atrophy? {{Ans- Wasting/loss of muscle due to disease/lack of use What are the various types of strength? {{Ans- Absolute strength, relative strength, strength endurance, power In which bone will you find the diaphysis? {{Ans- Long bone What occurs in epiphyseal plate slippage? {{Ans- Inhibits the growth of bone at joint, but will not affect growth of body. What is the synarthroidal joint? {{Ans- Immovable joint (pelvis) What is the amphiarthroses joint? {{Ans- Semi-movable joints (sacroiliac & pubis) What is the diarthrodial joint? {{Ans- Freely movable joints (hip & knee) What is ATP? {{Ans- Adenosine triphosphate; source of energy for muscular contraction. Lactic Acid is a byproduct of which energy system? {{Ans- Anaerobic system What is aerobic exercise? {{Ans- With oxygen What is blood pressure? {{Ans- The measure of force that blood exerts on the walls of blood vessels. What is considered to be normal blood pressure? High? {{Ans- 120/80 140/90 What happens when exercise is abruptly stopped? {{Ans- Venus pooling occurs; blood can pool in the extremities. John is 54 years old and has a RHR of 75 BPM, and his goal is to exercise at 60% of HRR, what is his THR? {{Ans- 129.9 What is overtraining? {{Ans- State of fatigue or physiological malfunction where it may take a while to return to normal. What are the planes of movement? {{Ans- Sagital plane, Frontal plane, Horizontal plane How does the sagital plane divide the body? {{Ans- Right and left halves How does the frontal plane divide the body? {{Ans- Front and back halves How does the horizontal plane divide the body? {{Ans- Top and bottom halves What is anterior? {{Ans- Front What is posterior? {{Ans- Back What is superior? {{Ans- Above What is inferior? {{Ans- Below What is medial? {{Ans- Middle/midline What is lateral? {{Ans- Away from midline What is proximal? {{Ans- Close to reference point What is distal? {{Ans- Farther from reference point What is unilateral? {{Ans- One side What is superficial? {{Ans- Near surface What is deep? {{Ans- Beneath surface What is cephalic? {{Ans- Toward head What is caudal? {{Ans- Toward bottom What is supine? {{Ans- Lying on back What is prone? {{Ans- Lying face down What are the primary movements of sagittal plane? {{Ans- Flexion and extension What is flexion? {{Ans- Angle decreases What is extension? {{Ans- Angle increases What are the primary movements of frontal plane? {{Ans- Abduction and adduction What is abduction? {{Ans- Away from body What is adduction? {{Ans- Towards body What are the primary movements of transverse plane? {{Ans- Internal and external rotation What is internal rotation? {{Ans- Rotating towards body What is external rotation? {{Ans- Rotating away from body What is protraction? {{Ans- Abduction of scapula What is retration? {{Ans- Adduction of scapula [Show More]

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