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NURS 6551 MIDTERM EXAM 1- QUESTION AND ANSWERS; Latest 2019/2020, Walden University.

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How can liver and renal diseases result in abnormal uterine bleeding (AUB)? a. They cause an imbalance in platelet aggregation. b. They result in an inability to adequately clear estrogen from the b... ody. c. They cause thyroid dysfunction, which leads to bleeding abnormalities. d. They result in elevated prolactin levels, which lead to bleeding abnormalities. What is now thought to be the most important causative agent in cervical cancer? a. PCOS b. Vulvar cancer c. Herpes simplex d. HPV An initial or primary genital herpes infection characteristically lasts about: a. 1 week b. 3 weeks c. 1 month d. 6 weeks Which contraceptive methods have inherent failure rates? a. None b. Some c. All d. All except sterilization Why do adolescents have the highest risk of developing pelvic inflammatory disease (PID)? a. They have the highest risk for bacterial vaginosis. b. They are the least at risk for developing other STIs. c. They are the most sexually active. d. They have decreased immunity to infectious organisms. Exercise-induced amenorrhea is probably due to the combination of low body fat and decreased secretion of: a. Estrogen b. Prolactin c. Progesterone d. GnRH What can result from an imbalance in the vaginal flora? a. Herpes simplex virus b. Human papillomavirus c. Chlamydia d. Bacterial vaginosis The most effective means of obtaining the history of abuse is to use a communication model that: a. Avoids having the patient’s children present during the discussion b. Signals someone is interested and that the woman is not alone c. Emphasizes the belief that violence is not acceptable, no matter what the batterer might have said to the patient d. Allows the patient to talk without interruption and with time to relate, emphasize, and repeat her full story What is the most common STI in the United States? a. Gonorrhea b. Chlamydia c. Syphilis d. Herpes simplex virus Progestin-only pills (POPs): a. Have no possible side effects b. Suppress ovulation as reliably as COCs c. May be taken earlier or later than prescribed d. In combination with lactation are nearly 100% effective According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the presence of a disease state: a. Necessitates prompt medical attention b. Excludes a person from being considered healthy c. Does not exclude a person from being considered healthy d. Classifies a person as in poor health Which of the following might be a sign of hyperandrogenism? a. Irritable bowel syndrome b. Decreased sebum secretion in the skin c. Decreased muscle mass d. Acne associated with menstrual dysfunction Surgical abortion represents an option for women who desire termination of pregnancy beyond: a. 8 weeks’ gestation b. 12 weeks’ gestation c. 4 weeks’ gestation d. 15 weeks’ gestation How can weight loss specifically control symptoms of polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)? a. It decreases SHBG. b. It increases insulin resistance. c. It decreases androgen levels. d. It increases estrogen levels. Why is acknowledging the oppression of women more difficult within Western societies? a. The multiplicity of minority groups complicates the issue. b. The availability of health care makes acknowledgment more difficult. c. The diversity of the news media clouds the issue. d. Affluence and increased opportunities mask oppression. How does vaginosis differ from vaginitis? a. It must be treated with metronidazole. b. The discharge does not contain white blood cells. c. The discharge does not have an odor. d. It causes itching and/or burning. [Show More]

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