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CADC: Practice Exam #1

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Which of the following is the BEST definition of insight? - ✔✔A sudden understanding of self, or realization of how a problem can be solved MATS refers to: - ✔✔The use of medications such as... suboxone in the treatment of addiction Aisha has completed her treatment at an in-patient facility and is ready to be discharged. She has asked her counselor to recommend a therapist to work with her and her husband on an outpatient basis. This process is BEST viewed as an example of : - ✔✔A referral Which type of therapy is most directive, offering the greatest potential for abuse of power by the counselor? - ✔✔Gestalt The primary purpose of professional credentialing for counselors is to: - ✔✔Protect public safety by ensuring that counselors meet minimum standards of competency Which of the following is NOT a CNS depressant? - ✔✔Benzadrine The concept of informed consent requires that before agreeing to accept treatment, clients should know their rights and obligations, therapeutic goals, fees for services and - ✔✔The limits of their confidentiality Attitudes, policies, and practices that are destructive to other cultures and their members are examples of lack of cultural - ✔✔Competence Restlessness, nervousness, flushed face, muscle twitching, tachycardia, or cardiac arrhythmia are al signs or symptoms of: - ✔✔Caffeine intoxicationOf all of the possible substance use disorders, which on is typically not seen in older child [Show More]

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