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An RN has to teach the client initially but can delegate ________to an LPN. (ANS- reinforcing the teaching An LPN can perform ______care. (ANS- tracheostomy care Can an RN delegate to an LPN to perf... orm suctioning? (ANS- yes Can an RN delegate to an LPN to put in a urinary catheter? (ANS- yes Can an RN delegate to an AP to feed a client not on swallow precautions? (ANS- yes Is an RN allowed to delegate to an AP to collect a urine sample? (ANS- yes A nurse delegates to an AP to assist in obtaining vital signs from a postop patient who required naloxone (narcan) for depressed respirations. Is this an appropriate task for the AP? (ANS- no An older adult client who is on fall precautions is found lying on the floor of his hospital room. Which of the following actions is most appropriate for the nurse to take first? A. Call the client's provider B. Ask a staff member for assistance getting the client back in bed C. Inspect the client for injuries D. Ask the client why he got out of bed w/out assistance (ANS- C. Inspect the client for injuries An RN on a med-surg unit is making assignments at the beginning of the shift. Which of the following tasks should the nurse delegate to the LPN? A. Obtain vitals for a client who is 2 hr postop following a cardiac cath B. Administering a unit of PRBCs C. Instructing a client in the performance of wound care D. Developing a plan of care for a newly admitted client (ANS- A A nurse is caring for an older adult client who has left the unit for a radiology procedure. The client's son asks the nurse what med is being given to the client. Which of the following is an appropriate response by the nurse? A. "I am sorry, but that is information you will need to ask your mother or her doctor." B. "Your mother is taking famotidine (Pepcid) for the ulcer & lorazepam (Ativan) for anxiety." C. "You will need to ask the charge nurse for that info." D. "Don't worry. We will give your mother all pertinent info before discharge." (ANS- A. A nurse works in a mental health facility that uses a case management nursing model to provide care. The nurse should recognize that which of the following describes a case management approach to care? A. A nurse provides total care for several clients B. Collaboration between disciplines creates a multidisciplinary care plan for each client. C. The focus of care is on detecting disorders at an early stage. D. The team leader assigns care for a group of clients (ANS- B A nurse overhears a client talking with an attorney, reporting physical abuse, use of restraints & denial of meals. What action should the nurse take? A. Report the conversation to the nurse manager to allow for follow-up investigation. B. Question the client about the allegations to identify staff who were allegedly involved. C. Ignore the conversation unless the client brings it to the attention of the nurse. D. Recognize this as a privileged communication that cannot be discussed w/anyone. (ANS- A A nurse manager is planning a department meeting to discuss client advocacy. Which of the following situations should be included in the discussion? Select all that apply. A. Discussing treatment options w/a client who was pancreatic cancer B. Notifying the surgeon when a client signing a surgical consent form has questions about the procedure C. Helping a client make a list of questions she would like to ask the provider D. Clarifying the dosage of a med prescribed for an older adult client who has impaired liver function E. Carrying out end-of-life wishes outlined in the living will of an older adult (ANS- B, C, D, E [Show More]

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