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Accuplacer Math College Exam What is 2^(5/2) - 2^(3/2) Correct Answer: ** 2√2 ** 2^(5-2) can be broken into: 2^4/2 == 2^2 == 4 so 4 2^1/2 or 4√2 2^3/2 can be broken into: 2^1 == 2 2... ^1/2 == √2 so 2√2 4√2 - 2√2 = 2√2 What is 5! Correct Answer: 5 * 4 * 3 * 2 * 1 What is (2^4) * (2^5) Correct Answer: 2^9 How do you calculate the determinant of a matrix Correct Answer: Imagine a 2x2 cube, where top left = a top right = b bottom left = c bottom right = d Determinant == (a/c) - (b/d) What is the conversion of log\3\(27) = Y Correct Answer: 3^y = 27 What is the conversion of 4^x = 16 Correct Answer: log\4\(16) = x What is 2√10 * 2√3 Correct Answer: 4√30 Factor (2x^5)-(2x^4)-(40x^3) Correct Answer: (2x^3)(x^2-x-20) How do you determine if 2 lines are parallel? Correct Answer: Convert to y=mx+b If both x's are the same, it is parallel What is the slope of a line that crosses (5,6) and has a y-int of (0,2) Correct Answer: 4/5 James has $10,000. He puts some of his money in a savings account that yields 1% annually. He invests the rest in bonds that yield 5% annually. If after one year, James earns a total of $400 from both the savings and bond investment, how much money did he put in his savings account? Correct Answer: * 7500 * So, you know the interest is .01 on the saving and .05 on the bonds, profit is set to 400, so : 400 = .01S + .05B You also know that S + B = 10,000, so: 10,000 = S + B You can isolate S, S = 10,000 - B Now you can plug that in for S in the other equation: 400 = .01(10,000 - B) + .05B 400 = 100 - .01B + .05B 400 = 100 + .04B 300 = .04B 300 * 25 What is the relationship between Sine and Cosine Correct Answer: Sin is essentially just Pi/2 to the right of a cosine function If the cosine of an acute angle x in a right triangle is 1/2, what is sin(x)? Correct Answer: This is relatively epic, because if you know SOHCAHTOA You can literally figure it out by drawing a right triangle Complementary angles Correct Answer: Two angles that together form a 90 degree angle - they compliment each other in their goal to obtain 90 degrees Supplementary Angles Correct Answer: These angles take supplements to reach 180 degree because compliments are simply not enough Rewrite log3(x+5)=2 Correct Answer: 3^2=x+5 What is the equation for a circle? Correct Answer: (x−a)^2+(y−b)^2=r^2 A safe has a four digit code, with each digit taking on values 1-5. How many possible combinations are there for the code? Correct Answer: 5^4, so 625 There are 5 combination for the 4 digits that need to be calculated Stacy has 3 Math books, 4 Science books, and 5 English books. How many different ways can she arrange them on her shelf if she wants to keep the books arranged by subject? Correct Answer: 3!4!5!3! What is Bottoms up? Correct Answer: Whatever factors of C add up to B. If A!=1, you divide the factors by A The equation y=x2−5y=x2−5 goes through which of the following points? Correct Answer: PLUG IN THE ANSWER CHOICES (x^5)(y^−4)(z^−1) / (x^−2)(y^2)(z^−4) Correct Answer: (x^7)(z^3) / (y^6) How do you divide by Negative Exponents? Correct Answer: What is 3(-1)^2 Correct Answer: 3 Find Volume of Rectangle Correct Answer: Find Circumfrance of Circle Correct Answer: Find area of rectangle Correct Answer: Triangle Height Correct Answer: Traingle Area Correct Answer: [Show More]

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