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OSHA 10-hr Course All Questions And Answers. Graded A + 100% proven pass rate

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Employers covered by OSHA's standards must display an "It's the Law!" poster. What does this poster address? - Ans -health and safety information What's OSHA's mission? - Ans -To prevent injuries, ... protect the health of America's workers, to save lives Which groups do NOT come under OSHA's coverage? - Ans -self-employed, public workers who are employed by state agencies Where there is no specific OSHA standard, employers must comply with the OSH Acts's: - Ans -General Duty Clause The OSHA standards for Construction and General Industry are found in: - Ans -Parts 1926 and 1910 OSHA standards fall into four categories (or Parts): General Industry, Construction, Maritime, and Agriculture - Ans -True OSHA standards appear in the Code of Federal Regulation (CFR) - Ans -True The CFR Parts, such as Part 1926 for Construction, are further broken down into _____, which group together specific and detailed standards. - Ans -Subparts What are some types of PPE that employers must pay for? - Ans -hard hats, hearing protection, fall protection harnesses OSHA requires employers to maintain certain records on and report work-related injuries and illnesses. Which of the following is used for this purpose? - Ans -Injury and Illness Report (Form 301), Log of Work-Related Injuries and Illnesses (OSHA 300 Log), Summary (OSHA Form 300A) OSHA requires that employers pay for which of the following personal protective equipment? - Ans -Hard Hats The right of workers to be safe and healthy while on the job, without fear of punishment is spelled out in: - Ans -Section 11(c) of the OSH act One of the main responsibilities employers have, as required by OSHA standards is to: - Ans -Provide training What does OSHA require employers to post for 3 days? - Ans -OSHA citations and abatement verification notices The creation of OSHA provided this important right to workers: - Ans -The right to a safe and healthful workplace During an OSHA inspection: - Ans -You have the right to talk to the inspector privately Workers must be training in which of the following? - Ans -Fall hazards, blood borne pathogens, lockout Among the rights related to OSHA recordkeeping, workers have the right to review: - Ans -OSHA 300 Logs and OSHA 300A summaries When the employer receives an OSHA citation, it must be: - Ans -posted for 3 days or until the violation is fixed A worker or worker representative can file a complaint about a safety or health hazard in the workplace - Ans -True What type of OSHA inspection is conducted when immediate death or serious injury is likely - Ans -imminent danger Which of the following is a type of OSHA violation - Ans -Repeat, serious, willful Who does OSHA recommend you first bring a workplace safety or health concern to? - Ans -Your employer Which of the following is a way that an employee can contact OSHA? - Ans -email, in person at a local office, phone You can request to remain anonymous when OSHA presents a complaint to your employer. - Ans -True Typically, how long does an employee have to file a complaint with OSHA, when the employee has been discriminated against for reporting a safety or health hazard? - Ans -30 days What section of the OSH Act does the Whistleblower Program reference? - Ans -Section 11(c) When you've been assigned a new job or task, be sure to ask about the - Ans -written procedures and any additional training that may be required Which of the following would be best to have when consulting a medical professional about possible exposure to a harmful chemical? - Ans -Safety Data Sheet for the chemical What are two US government agencies that are good resources for safety and health information? - Ans -OSHA and NIOSH OSHA's "Focus Four" training topics include Caught-In or -Between, Struck-By, Electrocution and ____. - Ans -falls A good strategy for taking the STSC exam is to - Ans -answer all questions even if you have to guess NIOSH is an acronym for which of the following? - Ans -The National Institute for Occupational Health and Safety A hazard is a situation or condition that has the potential to cause harm to which of the following? - Ans -Life, Health, Property, Environment Fall hazards become fall incidents when people ___. - Ans -Forget gravity is always working, do not protect themselves from fall hazards, become complacent and think they can catch themselves Examples of falls that have resulted in deaths on the job site include: - Ans -falls to the ground or lower levels, falls through existing floor or roof openings, falls through the floor or roof surface, falls on the same level In the slide entitled, "How long does it take a person to fall", the example noted that a person could fall 64 ft in approximately how many seconds? - Ans -2 seconds OSHA requires fall protected at different heights for construction and general industry however, regardless of the fall distance, which of the following is most correct? - Ans -fall protection must be provided when working over dangerous equipment AND machinery FED OSHA requires fall protection on construction sites be used at: - Ans -6 ft In a recent 10 year study, the leading cause of construction worker deaths was the result of which of the following? - Ans -falls The best way to prevent complacency from happening to you or around you is to: - Ans -preform a daily Hazard Recognition Plan of your work area, conduct safety audits, improve the safety culture by looking out for your fellow workers, take ownership of your personal safety The majority of fatal falls were the result of which acitivity? - Ans -falls from roofs Studies have shown that complacency, a hazardous behavior, is in part caused by which of the following? - Ans -repetition of work, unsafe acts and conditions going uncorrected, management not evaluating and enforcing safe work procedures Basic element of a Roof Fall Protection Program include: - Ans -Limiting worker access to the roof and its leading edges, train all employees who access the roof on the recognition, evaluation, and control of fall hazards JHA for roofing activities should be conducted prior to starting work to systematically identify, evaluation, and ____. - Ans -control or mitigate all hazards From your choices below, what would you consider to be a "major" fall hazard in construction? - Ans -roof edges and floor openings, steel erection, improper scaffold construction, unsafe use of portable ladders JHA is an acronym for which of the following? - Ans -Job Hazard Analysis A _____ system is a process that restricts access to the roof only to authorized employees. - Ans -roof permit The rate of work-related deaths among ironworkers is ___ times higher than construction average. - Ans -10 Scaffold failures are often the cause of which of the following? - Ans -unsafe erection and excess weight, lack of supervision/inspection, incomplete (no handrails/mid-rails/toe boards), use of incompatible parts The most frequently cited serious OSHA violations involving steel erection are for: - Ans -lack of fall hazard training, failure to meet OSHA'a fall protection general standards, failure to provide fall protection for connectors _______ must be cleared from the scaffold to eliminate slippery conditions as soon as possible. - Ans -ice, snow OSHA requires fall protection when working near the edge of a trench or excavation that is ___ or more in depth. - Ans -6 ft [Show More]

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