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NR-293 Pharmacology for Nursing Practice Pharmacology Exam 1 1. A drug interaction occurs between penicillin’s and which drugs? - Oral contraceptives, NSAIDS, warfarin 2. Which inter... vention is the priority for the nurse to perform before beginning antibiotic therapy? - 3. The nurse will instruct a patient who is receiving a tetracycline antibiotic to take it using which guidelines? - 4. A patient is to receive antibiotic therapy with a cephalosporin. When assessing the patient's drug history, the nurse recognizes that an allergy to which drug class may be a possible contraindication to cephalosporin therapy? - 5. A patient says "I can't take sulfa drugs I'm allergic to them." Which question will the nurse ask next? - 6. Which statement accurately describes the action of antiseptics? - 7. The nurse knows the use of tetracyclines is limited in children because of the occurrence of which side effect? - 8. Which statement accurately describes the method of action of penicillin - 9. During a class on health care associated infections, the nurse shares several facts about these infections. Which statements about health care associated infections are true? (Select ALL that apply) - 10. When patients are receiving aminoglycosides, the nurse must monitor for tinnitus and dizziness, which may indicate a problem - 11. A patient is being prepare for colon surgery and will be receiving neomycin tablets during the day before surgery. He asks the nurse why he needs to take this medicine before he even has surgery. What is the nurse's best response? - 12. A patient had been admitted to the unit with a stage IV pressure ulcer. After 2 days, the wound culture results come back for MRSA. The nurse knows that the drug of choice for treatment of MRSA is which drug? - 13. A patient who is receiving vancomycin therapy needs to notify the nurse immediately of which effects are noted. (select all that apply) - 14. Which is a common adverse effect that occurs when vancomycin is infused too quickly? - 15. Which statement accurately describes the method of action of quinolones? - Interruption of bacterial DNA replication 16. After an infusion of colositimethate, the nurse will report to the prescriber of the patient complains of which adverse effects? (Select all that apply) - 17. The nurse is reviewing the list of medications for a patient who will be starting antibiotic therapy with an aminoglycoside. Which medications may present a potential interaction with the aminoglycoside? (Select all that apply) - 18. Which laboratory test will the nurse monitor in the patient taking daptomycin? - 19. The nurse is administering acyclovir and recalls that is considered the drug of choice for treatment of which viral infection? - 20. When administering ganciclovir, the nurse keeps in mind that the main dose limiting toxicity for this drug is which condition? - 21. When reviewing the health history of a patient who is to receive foscarnet, the nurse knows that which condition would be a contraindication to its use? - 22. When reviewing the use of amantadine, the nurse expects that the drug would be used most appropriately in which patient? - 23. A patient calls the clinic nurse to ask for oseltamivir because of exposure to the flu. The nurse knows that oseltamivir is indicated for which conditions? (select all that apply) - 24. The nurse is preparing to administer the aerosol form of ribavirin. Which condition is a contraindication to the drug? - 25. The method of action of antiviral agents is identified by which statement? - 26. Which of the following agents would the nurse expect to be used in the treatment of hepatitis C? (Select all that apply) - 27. Viral infections and viruses are more difficult to eradicate than bacteria for which reason? - 28. Single-celled fungi that reproduce by budding - 29. One of the major chemical groups of anti-fungal drugs; includes amphotericin B and nystatin - 30. A very large, diverse group of eukaryotic, thallus-forming microorganisms that requires an external carbon source - 31. Another of the major groups of anti-fungal drugs, includes ketoconazole. - 32. A term for fungal infection of the mouth - 33. One of the older antifungal drugs that acts by preventing susceptible fungi from reproducing - 34. The drug of choice for many severe, systemic fungal infections, the oldest antifungal drug - 35. An antifungal drug used to treat candida diaper rash - 36. Macrolides - 37. Sulfanomides - 38. Bacteriostatic - 39. Superinfection - 40. Tetracyclines - 41. Penicillin - 42. Bactericidal - 43. Prophylactic - 44. Cephalosporins - 45. An infection caused by fungi - 46. Multicellular fungi characterized by long branching filaments called hyphae, which entwine to form a mycelium - 47. Mestastasize - 48. MOA of methotrexate - 49. Extravasation - 50. Nadir - 51. Dose-limiting adverse effects - 52. Leukemia - 53. malignant - 54. Leucovorin - 55. cell cycle nonspecific - 56. Benign - 57. emetic - 58. When administering antineoplastic drugs, the nurse need to keep in mind that these drugs include which general adverse effects? (Select all that apply) - 59. A patient will be receiving chemotherapy with paclitaxel. What will the nurse expect to do along with administering this drug? - 60. As the nurse is preparing to give the patient chemotherapy, the patient asks why more than one drug is used. The nurse will explain that combinations of drugs are used to - 61. If extravasation of an antineoplastic drug occurs, what will the nurse do first? - 62. During chemotherapy, the nurse will monitor the patient for which symptoms of stomatitis? - 63. A patient is receiving leucovorin as part of his chemotherapy regimen l. The nurse expects that the patient is receiving which antineoplastic drug? - 64. The nursing student asks the pharmacist what it means that an agent is cell cycle specific. Which statement is correct? - 65. Which statement is true regarding cancer chemotherapy? - 66. The nurse is monitoring a patient who had developed thrombocytopenia after two rounds of chemotherapy. Which sign or symptoms will the nurse look for in this patient? - 67. While hanging a new infusion bag of a chemotherapy drug, the nurse accidentally spills a small amount on the floor. What is the nurse's best action? - 68. The nurse is reviewing the med list for a patient who will be receiving mitotane treatments. A drug from which class would cause the most concern if administered along with the mitotane? - 69. A patient receiving chemotherapy for a testicular tumor complains of hearing a loud ringing sound in his ears. The nurse expects what to happen next regarding the chemotherapy? - 70. When teaching a patient who is receiving outpatient chemotherapy about potential problems, the nurse needs to mention signs and symptoms of an oncologic emergency, which include which of the following? (Select all that apply) - 71. The nurse monitors very closely for signs of renal toxicity when which of these antineoplastic drugs is given? - 72. A patient who has cancer is to receive a course of chemotherapy with doxorubicin. Which coexisting condition will require very close monitoring while the patient is taking this drug? - 73. The nursing student would correctly identify which description as the MOA of the alkylation then agents? - 74. A patient will be receiving mitotane, and the nurse is reviewing the patient's med list for potential interactions. Which drugs may interact with mitotane? (Select all that apply) - 75. The nurse would recognize which symptom as a side effect of cyclophosphamide? - 76. Interferons - 77. colony stimulating factors - 78. Lymphokines - 79. Antibody - 80. Antigens - 81. T lymphocytes (T cells) - 82. B lymphocytes (B cells) - 83. The patient reports to the nurse that the medication infliximab prescribed for RA is not working. On further questioning, what he nurse determines that the patient had been taking the drug for 7 days. Which response by the nurse is most appropriate? - 84. While teaching a patient about the possible adverse effects of the Interferons, the nurse should mention which effects? (Select all that apply) - 85. A patient is starting therapy with adalimumab after a course of therapy with methotrexate failed to improve a patient's condition. The nurse recognizes that this patient is being treated for which condition? - 86. When administering the drug trastuzumab, the nurse is concerned about the manifestations of any side effect based on which rationale? - 87. A patient will be starting therapy with etanercept as part of treatment for severe RA. Which conditions may be a contraindication for this drug? - 88. When monitoring patients on immunosuppressant therapy, the nurse must keep in mind that the major adverse effect for patients taking these drugs is which finding? - 89. A patient is experiencing rejection of a transplanted organ. The nurse expects which drug to be prescribed to manage this? - 90. The nurse is discussing drug therapy with cyclosporine. Which could possibly increase the activity of cyclosporine? - 91. When teaching patients who are taking oral doses of immunosuppressants, how will the nurse instruct the patient to take the medication? - 92. The nurse providing education for patients taking immunosuppressants will include which information? (Select all that apply) - 93. Which statement correctly describes the MOA of the immunosuppressant? - 94. Which drugs are indicated for the treatment of multiple sclerosis? (Select all that apply) - 95. A patient will be taking cyclosporine after transplant surgery. Which of these are potential side effects of cyclosporine therapy? (Select all that apply) - [Show More]

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