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iHuman case Study Amanda Wheat Amanda Wheaton History questions 1. How Can I help you today? 2. Do you have any other symptoms or concerns we should discuss? 3. When did your sore throat start? 4. How... severe is your sore throat? 5. Have you been having fevers? 6. Do you have a cough? 7. Do you have any allergies, such as medications, food and or latex for example? 8. Have you had any contact with other sick people? 9. Do you have any problems with headaches that don’t go away with aspirin or Tylenol, double or blurred vision, difficulty with night vision, problems hearing, ear pain, sinus problems, chronic sore throats, difficulty swallowing? 10. Do you have a problem swallowing? 11. Does anything make your sore throat better or worse? 12. Have you had a flu shot? 13. Are you sexually active? [Show More]

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