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ATI RN Maternal Newborn 2019 EXAM – STUDY GUIDE 70 Correct Questions & Answers

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ATI RN Maternal Newborn 2019 EXAM – STUDY GUIDE 70 Correct Questions & Answers 1. A client who is 16 weeks of gestation asks the nurse how to prepare her father to a younger sibling. Statements ... should the nurse make? a. You should hold your newborn in your arms when you introduce him to your toddler b. you should move your toddler out of her crib 2 weeks prior to your due date c. you should give your toddler a gift from the baby when she visit you in the facility d. You should place your toddler in timeout if she exhibits regressive Behavior after the baby is born 2. A nurse is observing an adolescent client who is offering her newborn a bottle while he is laying in the bassinet. When the nurse offers to pick the newborn up and place them in the client's arms, the mother States “ No, the baby is too tired to be held”. Which of the following actions should the nurse take? a. Insist that the mother pick up the newborn to feed him b. demonstrate how to hold a newborn and allow the client to practice c. persuade the client to breastfeed the newborn to promote bonding d. offer to take the newborn to the nursery to finish his feeding [Show More]

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