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Community Health Chapter 16. Review Questions with accurate answers. Rated A+

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Community Health Chapter 16. Review Questions with accurate answers. Rated A+ Community Health Chapter 16. Review Questions with accurate answers. Rated A+ Which of the following groups of child... ren is at the highest risk to have poor health? a. African American children living in a suburb b. Asian children living in an outer urban area c. Hispanic children living in the inner city d. White children living in a rural area - ANS: C Significant disparities persist in health status of white children versus children of color. However, children living in suburban areas and most outer urban areas experience superior access to health services compared with children living in rural areas and inner cities, especially if they are poor. What proportion of U.S. citizens are children? a. 12% b. 16% c. 20% d. 24% - ANS: D In 2011, there were 73.9 million U.S. children under the age of 18 years. Children represent about 24% of the country's population, down from a peak of 36% at the end of the mid-1960's baby boom.Which of the following actions should be taken by a typical community preparing for the expected demographic changes in the United States? a. Build more elementary schools b. Build more high schools c. Build more colleges d. Build more adult condominiums - ANS: D The number of children will increase, but the proportion of children as compared with adults has been decreasing since the mid-1960s. Consequently, more housing for adults is needed. If most students have no intention of ever leaving their local community, which of the following languages should be chosen as the required foreign language in high school? a. French, as it is a very romantic language b. German, because many of the students' names are German c. Latin, as it is the basis for many other languages d. Spanish, to improve employment opportunities - ANS: D By 2050, Hispanic children as a percentage of the population are expected to grow to 39%, up from 24% in 2011. The percentage of children who are Hispanic has increased faster than that of any other racial or ethnic group. More immigrants speak Spanish, and care providers need to give culturally appropriate care. Speaking Spanish would be helpful. Because of these reasons, it would be most appropriate for Spanish to be selected as the required foreign language. Speaking French, German, or Latin would not be as practical as being able to speak Spanish.Which of the following best describes why infant mortality rate is used as an international comparison of a country's health status? a. Every country, regardless of other priorities, focuses on care of infants and their mothers. b. It is easy to obtain and compare such data. c. It reflects medical care quality and access and public health practice. d. The World Health Organization requires these data be reported to them each year. - ANS: C It is an important marker because it is related to several factors, including maternal health, medical care quality and access, socioeconomic conditions, and public health practices. Infant mortality reflects the health and welfare of an entire community and is used as a broad indicator of health care and health status. [Show More]

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