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NURS 4010 CAT VERSION 1-with verified answers-2022

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1. At a routine prenatal visit, a client at 24-weeks gestation complains of nasal stuffiness and occasional nosebleeds. Which hormone is responsible for these changes? A. Human chorionic gonadotropin... . B. Progesterone. C. Relaxin. D. Estrogen. 2. A client who has localized eczematous eruptions on b oth hands is diagnosed as having contact dermatitis. What instruction should the nurse include in this client's discharge teaching plan? A. Wear latex gloves whenever outdoors. B. Apply an oil-based ointment to the affected areas. C. Take prescribed antihistamine near bedtime. D. Soak hands in warm soapy water three times a day. 3. While transcribing a new prescription, the nurse notes that the prescribed dosage is much lower than the recommended dosage listed in the drug reference guide. Which client data supports the dosage reduction? A. Decreased serum creatinine B. Increased serum protein. C. Increased liver enzymes. D. Prolonged prothrombin time. 
 4. The nurse assigns an unlicensed assistive personnel (UAP) to take the vital signs of a client who is positive for Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV). What protective apparel should the nurse counsel the UAP to wear when carrying out this assignment? A. None. B. Gown, gloves, mask. C. Gloves and mask. D. Gloves only. 5. A client with Guillain-Barre syndrome requires a tracheostomy and mechanical ventilation due to the progression of the disease. What nursing intervention is most helpful in aiding this clinet to communicate with the staff and family? A. Speak slowly and disntinctly while in direct view of the client. B. Teach the client to point to a letter board word chart to communicate needs. C. Provide the client with a pencil and tablet of paper. D. With the client, develop a system of eye blinks to communicate "yes" or "no." 6. A client with peptic ulcer disease (PUD) is admitted to the emergency room complaining of sudden severe upper abdominal pain. Assessment indicates an extremely tender and rigid abdomen, B/P of 90/60 mmHg, and pulse of 110 beat/minute. The emergency department nurse should anticipate implementation of which intervention? A. Preparing the client for emergency abdominal surgery. B. Infusing the proton pump inhibitor Protonix intravenously. C. Administering an iced saline lavage. D. Inserting a nasogastric tube to decompress the bowel. 7. Which finding should the nurse expect a client to exhibit who is newly diagnosed with fibromyalgia? A. Recent joint trauma. B. Disruption in sleep patterns. C. Unexplained weight gain. D. Itching and rash. 8.A male client with diabetes mellitus reports that he has had trouble following his diet, and the result of his fasting blood glucose test is 90 mg/dl. What action should the nurse implement first? A. Obtain a urine specimen from the client to test for ketonuria. B. Assure the client that his diabetes control is within normal limits. C. Schedule the client to attend classes about diet management. D. Review the findings of his glycosylated hemoglobin test. 9. A multipara postpartum client complain intense cramping while breastfeeding. Whar instruction should the nurse provide to the client? A. Change the infant's position during the next feeding. B. Void and completely empty bladder before each feeding. C. Take a prescribed analgesic an hour prior to breastfeeding. D. Drink two glasses of water 30 minutes prior to breastfeeding. CONTINUED..................... [Show More]

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