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Maternal Child Nursing Chapter 1 questions with answers. Rated A+

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Maternal Child Nursing Chapter 1 questions with answers. Rated A+ 1. The United States ranks 50th in the world for maternal mortality and 41st among industrialized nations for infant mortality rate... . When developing programs to assist in decreasing these rates, which factor would most likely need to be addressed as having the greatest impact? A)Resolving all language and cultural differences B) Assuring early and adequate prenatal care C) Providing more extensive women's shelters D)Encouraging all women to eat a balanced diet - Ans-b 2. When integrating the principles of family-centered care, the nurse would include which of the following? A)Childbirth is viewed as a procedural event B) Families are unable to make informed choices C) Childbirth results in changes in relationships D)Families require little information to make appropriate decisions - Ans-c 3. When preparing a teaching plan for a group of first-time pregnant women, the nurse expects to review how maternity care has changed over the years. Which of the following would the nurse include when discussing events of the 20th century? A)Epidemics of puerperal fever B) Performance of the first cesarean birth C) Development of the x-ray to assess pelvic size D)Creation of free-standing birth centers - Ans-d 4. After teaching a group of students about pregnancy-related mortality, the instructor determines that additional teaching is needed when the students identify which condition as a leading cause?A) Hemorrhage B) Embolism C) Obstructed labor D) Infection - Ans-b [Show More]

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