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NCCT Phlebotomy Certification Exam Revision Questions with accurate answers

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NCCT Phlebotomy Certification Exam Revision Questions with accurate answers The forearm vein most commonly used for venipuncture is the? - Ans-a. median cubital The smallest veins in the human bod... y are known as? - Ans-c. venules The aorta branches into smaller divisions called arteries, which in turn branch into even smaller divisions called? - Ans-b. arterioles Characteristics of capillaries include? - Ans-d. all of the above (having thin-walls, forming microscopic pathways, and connecting arterioles with venules) Within the capillaries, blood cell functions include? - Ans-d. all of the above (releasing oxygen, binding carbon dioxide, and eliminating waste) The heart, lymphatic organs, and blood vessels are in the ? system. - Ans-b. cardiovascular The suffix -URIA at the end of a medical term refers what body location? - Ans-b. urine The study of blood is known as? - Ans-a. hematology The liver, stomach, mouth and pancreas are in the ? system. - Ans-c. digestive The most important step to ensure accuracy in sample collection is? - Ans-d. identifying the patient properlyThe bladder, urethra, kidneys, and ureters are in the ? system. - Ans-a. urinary The trachea, nose, lungs and pharynx are in the ? system. - Ans-b. respiratory The sebaceous glands, skin hair and nails are in the ? system. - Ans-d. integumentary The body system that is a primary regulator of hormones is the ? system. - Ans-b. endocrine Neutrophils, eosinophils, basophils, lymphocytes and monocytes are types of? - Ans-d. white blood cells The common name for the thrombocyte is the? - Ans-d. platelet The liquid portion of an anticoagulated blood sample is known as? - Ans-c. plasma The instrument that measures blood pressure is called a? - Ans-a. sphygmomanometer [Show More]

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