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NUR 2571 PN 2 Exam 2 week 7 Exam - Study Guide 2019

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NUR 2571 PN 2 Exam 2 week 7 Exam - Study Guide 2019 Know what the secondary stage of the inflammatory response is 1.A client has a leg wound that is in the second stage of the inflammatory response.... For what manifestation does the nurse assess? a. Noticeable rubor b. Purulent drainage c. Swelling and pain d. Warmth at the site ANS: B 2.The student nurse learns that the most important function of inflammation and immunity is which purpose? a. Destroying bacteria before damage occurs b. Preventing any entry of foreign material c. Providing protection against invading organisms d. Regulating the process of self-tolerance ANS: C 3.The nurse understands that which type of immunity is the longest acting? a. Artificial active b. Inflammatory c. Natural active d. Natural passive ANS: C [Show More]

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