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Prophecy OR Summer 2022 Exam Questions & Answers. Graded

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What type of support would you place to alleviate pressure on the brachial plexus nerve when a patient is in a side-lying position - Ans-Axillary Roll You are the circulating nurse confirming conse... nt with a patient scheduled for an exploratory laparotomy with colostomy. The patient states they do not want a colostomy. What should you do? - Ans-Do not take the patient to the operating room and consult the surgeon immediately What equipment is most important for a patient undergoing an emergency trauma surgery who declines a donated blood transfusion - Ans-Cell Saver You have been asked to take a specimen from an OR during a bronchoscopy and immediately take it to the lab. What must you do first - Ans-Confirm the specimen label and patient name You suspect long-term substance abuse during the pre-op interview with your patient. Which of the following assessment findings would support this suspicion - Ans-nasal irritation and frequent sniffing, needle tracks on arms, and burns on fingers and lips After applying an alcohol-based skin preparations for a laser procedure, what should you do next - Ans-assess for pooling or moisture from the prep What medication should be administered to a patient who has received moderate sedation with midazolam who has unexpected respiratory depression - Ans-romazicon (flumazenil) After starting a blood transfusion, you observe that a patient undergoing moderate sedation has a temperature increase from 98.2 to 101.3 and coarse breath sounds. What is the first thing you should do - Ans-Stop the transfusion and notify the surgeon What is the minimum distance unscrubbed personnel should remain from the sterile field - Ans-12 inches You are preparing a patient for a laparotomy. What instrument do you anticipate seeing on the back table - Ans-malleable Which of the following medications is contraindicated for a patient with a family history of malignant hyperthermia - Ans-Quelicin (succinylcholine) You are caring for a patient who is infected with Methicillin- Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA). What infection control practice must you implement after transferring the patient - Ans-Clean and disinfect all patient care equipment Upon opening a sterile major tray, you discover the chemical indicators are missing. What should you do? - Ans-Remove and replace the major tray As a circulator, where do you stand during induction - Ans-at the head of the bed You are the perioperative nurse who is doing the preoperative skin preparation on a clean abdominal case. Where should you start the skin preparation - Ans-site of incision and move to the periphery [Show More]

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This bundle comprise of the most examinable prophesy core mandatory exams. all questions answered. graded A+. latest 2022/2023 predictor exam papers. for any help and enquiries, reach me at wamaesymat...

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