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Supine position When measuring a infant from head to heel. What exam position should you place the infant in? Infants 6 weeks who has a heart of 80/min What type of patient would you report to ... the provider if they had a low apical pulse? Confidentiality statement What statement do you provide to patients to be in compliance HIPPA? When you have symptoms 4. What information do you need to provide to the patient when wearing a Holter monitor about marker? Educational material What information is acceptable to provide to the patient in the waiting room? Blade down, handle first What technique would be used when passing a scalpel to the provider during a sterile procedure? Pathology 7. A patient being post-op status post left mastectomy. What information should you make sure is on the chart from hospital? Human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) What is the hormone detected in pregnancy test? Liquid nitrogen What is used in cryosurgery? CMS 1500 What is the universal claim for submited outpatient billing? Plan of care When reviewing a patient's chart after a visit. Where would you look in the chart to review medication dosage and instructions for the patient? American w/ Disability Act Where should you refer a non- ambulatory for, assistance with workplace accommodations? Tachycardia, Hypotension, Afebrile, Normal Respiration 13. You have obtained the following vital signs from an adult patient: temperature 37.2 C (99. 0 F), heart rate 106/min, BP 89/50 mm Hg and respiratory rate of 18/min. What should document regarding the vital signs? Lithotomy Position What position should you place a patient for a pap smear? Immediately over the phone A urgent referral has been submitted to the insurance company. How long should the authorization process take? Dispose of in a biohazard container Your gloved hands come in contact with the patient's blood during a procedure. What action should you take? Semi-Fowler A patient has COPD and requires an abdominal exam. What position should you place the patient in to manage his/her respiratory status? Dr./Nurse Practitioner When working in an ambulatory care center with several other workers. Who is legally responsible for the medical assistant's actions? Patient & care giver relationship What should you recognize as a goal of patient- centered care? Alcoholism What is a risk factor for developing cirrhosis? 1 inch When setting a tray for a sterile procedure. How many inches are required to maintain a sterile field? Contusion What is a closed wound caused by blunt trauma that results in swelling, ecchymosis, and pain? Goniometers What device would you use to measure a patient's range of motion? Height & Weight What criteria is used to determine BMI? Red/Rare Meat 25. What foods should you instruct a patient to refrain from eating prior to testing for fecal occult blood? Temperature What is a cause for a urine specimen to be rejected? PPE What items are employers required to provide based on OSHA's Bloodborne Pathogens standards for all employees? Vertigo What side effect can you expect from a patient following an ear irrigation? Brachial Artery What artery is primarily used for obtaining a manual blood pressure? National Provider Identification (NPI) What information is needed from a provider to complete the CMS-1500 form? Pialative when using antihistamines to treat allergies this is an example of what kind of care? 3-4 inches How many inches above the venipuncture site should the tourniquet be placed? Distilled water What solution is used in an autoclave for sterilization? Apply Even Pressre 35. What action should you take when performing a capillary puncture? Have the parent to hold the child When performing a capillary puncture on a 10 month old patient. What action should you take? Post-op instructions A patient has had a cyst removed in the office. What information should be provided to the patient prior to leaving the office? 100 When performing CPR how many compressions should be done in a minute? Forehead Your patient requires a temporal temperature to be taken. Where should you take this temperature? Prevent contamination What is the purpose of the chain of custody for a drug screen? Chest Where are electrodes placed on the body for a holter monitor? The patient can see 20ft while the adverage eye sees 50 Patient's vision is 20/50 according to the Snellen chart. What does this mean? Break it down and start over You are setting up a tray for a sterile procedure and your co-worker reaches across it. What action should you take? Reduce fat intake When reinforcing teaching to a patient with a new diagnosis of hypercholesterolemia. What dietary changes should you instruct the patient to make? Run under water When sanitizing instruments using aseptic techniques. What actions should you take? Annually or when changes are made When should facilities review and update exposure control plans according to OSHA? 3 After how many years is a patient considered new in your practice for billing and coding reasons? Palpate What method of examination is used to observe deformities and rashes? Metabolism What pharmacokinetic process is primarily affected by liver dysfunction? After collecting the specimen During the phlebotomy procedure when should your patient's tubes be labeled? Listen & try to find out concerns A patient is visibly angry and does not want a venipuncture procedure. What action should you take to respond to the patient? Carotid Artery Before starting CPR on a patient where do you check for a pulse? Fungus Ringworm is classified as what kind of disease? Rhinoplasty Name a surgical reconstruction procedure. File an appeal or bill the patient A patient has a test performed that they requested, the patient has signed an ABN. After denial of payment from the insurance company is received, What action should you take? CDC A parent has questions regarding mandatory immunizations for their child. What agency should you refer them to? Close the specimen in front of the patient When obtaining a urine drug screen from a patient following a work-related injury. What action should you take? Nose When performing an infuenza test, Where do you obtain your sample from? Trendelenburg What position should you place a patient with a dangerously low blood pressure? STD's When assisting with obtaining a Papanicolaou sample, What information do you need to note? Supralilac What area is used to measure for body fat? Name & Date of Birth What information should you obtain from a patient before administering medication, based on the rights of medication? Seal the specimen in front of the patient What action should you take to comply with the chain of custody during a drug screen? Double booking When patients are scheduled for the same time and seen in the order in which they arrive. What type of scheduling is this? Friction & Soap What actions are needed for effective hand washing? Clean Perineal What action should you take when collecting a urine specimen from a 3 month old female patient, before applying the urine collection bag? Right Atrium In what chamber of the heart will you find the sinoatrial node? UA A patient comes into the office reporting dysuria and side pain. What lab work should anticipate your provider to order? Purchase Order What form is needed in order to order supplies for your facility? Distribution When medication moves from the site of administration into the body what is it called? Mainterm Which part of the diagnostic statement should you use when searching in the alphabetical index Subjective A patient coming into the office for a visit and reports having a throbbing headache and a family history of migraines. Where would you document this in the chart? Get out debris to relieve inflammation What is a reason for performing an eye irrigation? Expiration Date & Lot Number You have given your patient an influenza vaccination. What information needs to be documented in the patient's chart? Sterile Indicators What is needed to process instruments for sterilization in an autoolave? X-Ray A patient has been scheduled for an orthopaedic consultation. What health record would you send with the patient? Intromuscular (IM) What medication route can be used for local or systemic indications? Figure 8 What technique is used when applying an ace bandage to a patient's injured ankle? Lavender What color tube would you use when performing a capillary puncture on an infant? Clean/Restock What actions should you take to prepare your exam rooms for patients? Second digit What digit should you use for capillary punctures? Glucose A patient is experiencing hypoglycemic. What medication should you give the patient? Can't disclose that information because of HIPPA The partner of your patient comes in angry demanding to know what their spouse was seen for. How would you handle this situation? Softening of the bones/Vitamin D Deficiency What is osteomalacia? Taking a shower/Getting ot wet When reinforcing instructions to a patient wearing a holter monitor. What activity should the patient avoid? 0.12-0.2 seconds What is the normal range for the PR interval on a standard EKG tracing? Schedule for the last appt. of the day You have a patient that is constantly late for appointments. How would you handle this situation? Recognize anxiety You are interviewing a patient who has anxiety. What action should you take? 8-10ml When obtaining blood cultures. How many ml of blood are required? To protect the GI system What is the purpose of buffered or enteric coated tablets? Otoscope A patient comes in with a sore throat. What instrument would you use to view the throat? Room Temperature When reinforcing instructional teaching about administering medication to the ear. What information should you provide to them? RLQ A patient has acute appendicitis. What quadrant would be tender upon examination? How far has my red blood cells dropped Your provider orders an ESR for the patient. What statement shows that your patient understands the reason for the test? SIM's What is the correct position for obtaining a rectal temperature? Tapping What korotkoff sounds represents the systolic blood pressure? Resovior Host What is part of the chain of infection? Cyst Removal In what clinical situation would you wear sterile gloves? When scheduling the patient When scheduling a new patient when should you verity the insurance for the patient? Hyperglycema A patient presents with acetone smell on their breath accompanied by deepn gulping breaths. What condition should you suspect for the patient? Skin What route is used when a medication is given topically? AV NODE What is simulated after the sinoatrial node in the heart? To avoid a self medication Why should you wear gloves when administering topical medication? CLIA What body governs laboratory testing? Avoid taking antihistamine 104. When scheduling a patient for allergy testing. What instructions need to be given to the patient prior to testing? Sphygmomanometer What instrument is used to measure blood pressure? Site When assisting with a cervical biopsy. What information is required on specimen label? Point, Aim, Shoot, Spray (PASS) What pneumonic device is used to describe the correct use of a fire extinguisher? Safety Training What office protocol meets OSHA regulations and standards? Mitochondria What cell is responsible for energy production? Passive Breastfeeding enhances which acquired immunity? Walking status What determines if you do a heel stick or finger stick on child? Myocardial Infraction If a patient reports a previous history of a heart attack. What medical term would you document in the patient's chart? Wait 5-10 min/Recheck When taking blood pressure from a upset patient. What action should you take? Admission to hospital What is an example of a patient's transition care? Apply Sunscreen A patient has been given a new prescription for an antibiotic. The patient needs to wear sunscreen while taking this medication. What instruction would you give the patient Medication & the site What information should be documented in a patient's chart after receiving an injection? Injections What is an in-office procedure that requires the use of gloves? Lift the knot away from the wound When removing sutures what action should you take? Portal of exit After the reservoir host what is next in the chain of infection? Make eye contact & speak in even tones A patient has mild hearing loss in the examination room. What action should you take? Type 2 What is the most common form of diabetes? 2.2kg x 80kg=176kg Convert patient's weight from 80kg to pounds. Smile friendly How should you convey a friendly attitude during telephone calls? 1:10 clorox water What solutions should you use to clean a blood spill? Patient is in a semi private room What is an acceptable of incidental disclosure of protected health information? Time released patch What type of medication is designed to be given slowly over a specific time period? Dual use plugs What should you report to the safety team to ensure that your medical office is prepared for fire? 25mm per second What is the normal rate of EKG paper at normal speed? Lavender When drawing blood and the specimen requires the tube to contain EDTA. What color tube would you use? Hands A patient needs a CBC drawn and they have hematomas both antecubital spaces. What site would you use for the venipuncture? Females What population primarily is affected by systemic lupus erythematosus? Repeating the conversation What action when speaking with a patient on the phone regarding a bill demonstrates active listening? Balance the scale What action should you take prior to weighing a patient to ensure accuracy? Place into a secondary What action should you take before disposing of a sharps container? Forcepts What instrument is used to grab skin during a procedure? Create new notes You have documented in a patient's paper chart, and you notice an error. What action should you take? Fraud What is a legal tort that shows deception? Discussing a patient info in the hallway Describe a scenario of a HIPPA violation. Allergy to Shell Fish A patient is scheduled for a CT of the abdomen. What information do you need to collect prior to the procedure? No Show A patient has several NS next to appointments in their chart. What does this stand for? Living Will What legal document is needed if a patient wants to donate organs for scientfic studies? Latex Contact dermatitis can result from what substance? 6 On a 12 lead EKG how many leads should be placed in the precordial area Place the walker over the scale How can you assist a patient that has balance issues during the weigh in process? Begin the referral process Your provider has determined that your patient needs a referral to a specialist What action should you take at this time? Otoscope A patient reports ear pain and nausea. What piece of equipment would you need to examine the ear? Forceps What instrument is needed in the post- surgical suture removal? Wave When scheduling patients that are all having the same procedure done on the first Thursday of the month. What type of scheduling is this? Speak to the patient You enter into a laboratory and a patient is already seated. What should you do first? Encounter form When checking out a patient after an office visit. What document should you check to see when they [Show More]

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