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CCMA Certification Study Guide for CCMA Certification Exam 2022 Rated A

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CCMA Certification Study Guide for CCMA Certification Exam 2022 Rated A Chief complaint CC Correct Answer-The reason a patient called for help. Also, the patient's response to questions such as "Wh... at's wrong?" or "What happened?" History of present illness HPI Correct Answer-Explains the chief complaint. A chronological description of the development of the patient's present illness from the first sign or symptom or from the previous encounter to the present. Vital Signs Correct Answer-Temperature, pulse, respiration, and Blood pressure are all ___________ ___________. Normal oral temperature Correct Answer-97.6F - 99.6F intermittent fever Correct Answer-Fever that alternates between elevated and normal or subnormal body temperatures. Remittent fever Correct Answer-fever in which temperature fluctuates greatly but never falls to the normal level. Continuous fever Correct Answer-A fever that remains constant above the baseline, does not fluctuate. 60-100 BPM Correct Answer-Normal pulse rate Respirations Correct Answer-Rate, rhythm, and depth are taken into account when measuring what? Systole Correct Answer-contraction of the heart Diastole Correct Answer-relaxation of the heart Anthropometric measurements Correct Answer-Measurement of height, (length rather than height is used in infants because they cannot stand.), weight, BMI, head circumference in infants, waist to hip, % of body fat. Inspection Correct Answer-General appearance, state of nutrition, body habits, symmetry, pasture and gait, speech. palpation Correct Answer-to examine by touch Percussion Correct Answer-physical examination method of tapping over the body to elicit vibrations and sounds to estimate the size, border, or fluid content of a cavity such as the chest. Ausculation Correct Answer-the act of listening to sounds arising within organs (as the lungs or heart) as an aid to diagnosis and treatment. OSHA Correct Answer-a government agency in the Department of Labor to maintain a safe and healthy work environment cardiopulmonary resuscitation Correct Answer-an emergency procedure for life support consisting of artificial respiration and manual external cardiac compression SHOCK Correct Answer-This is caused by inadequate blood flow to the heart and in turn to the rest of the body. Symptoms of shock Correct Answer-Pale, cold, clammy skin rapid, weak pulse increased shallow breathing expressionless face or staring eyes are all ____________ ___ _________. First aid for Shock Correct Answer-maintain open airway [Show More]

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