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Buddy Theodore, Jr. Ihuman | NUR 6104;iHuman Buddy Theodore 5 year old male, Complete solution,100% Score/ Rated A.

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iHuman Buddy Theodore 5 year old male CC: Kindergarten well-child evaluation History questions  Chief complaint Sx/Sx Characteristics: - How can I help you today? – patient - How can I help... you today? witness - How old are you? – patient - How is his overall health? – witness - Does he have any allergies? – witness - When was his last physical? – witness - Are his immunizations up to date? – witness - Any previous medical, surgical, or dental procedures? – witness - How is his appetite? Any recent change? – witness - Tell me about any current or past medical problems? – witness  Associated Sx/Sx Characteristics: - How many bowel movements does he have a day? – witness - Has there been a change in his urination frequency? – witness - How are his grades in school? – witness - Is he having any difficulty sleeping? - Witness  Risk factors – PMH: - Were there any complications with his birth? – witness - Has he ever been hospitalized? - witness - Is he taking any prescription medications? – witness - Is he taking any OTC or herbal medications? – witness - Are there any diseases that run in his family? – witness - Tell me about his diet, what he normally eats – witness - Tell me about daily exercise or sports that he plays – witness  Risk factors – FH: - Tell me about the health of his grandparents, [Show More]

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by latchmin Edjhill · 2 weeks ago

Not very informative it a scam


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