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module 10 decon 2,. Questions and answers. Summer2022. Rated A+

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A broken glass suction bottle is returned to Decontamination. What should technician do? - Ans-Place it in an appropriate rigid container. Safety Data Sheets (SDS) provide health and safety hazard ... and risk information on? - Ans-chemicals Generally describes the correct sequence for the traffic workflow in areas in which medical devices are processed? - Ans-Decontamination, assembly, packaging, sterilization, sterile storage area. The MAJOR reason why acrylic nails are not permitted to be worn in the sterile processing department is because they can? - Ans-Allow fungus to grow beneath them Which agencies would approve the disinfectants used on floors and walls in the sterile processing department? - Ans-Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Every healthcare facility has an organizational structure, or chart, that outlines? - Ans-Departmental Authority Relationship " clean to dirty " is a sterile processing department term used to described? - Ans-People Flow What are the major physical areas of a typical sterile processing department? - Ans-Decontamination, assembly, preparation and packaging, sterilization, and sterile storage area. Loose fitting clothes and jewelry should NOT be worn in sterile processing because it? - Ans-Can get caught in moving equipment. Hair coverings are REQUIRED? - Ans-In all areas of the department Decontamination procedures - Ans-Reduce contamination to permit reprocessed medical devices to be sterilized. A patient contracts an infection from an improperly sterilized surgical instruments. This is an example of? - Ans-A healthcare acquired infection Coronary artery bypass surgery may be performed on patients with? - Ans-Arteriosclerosis Critical devices comes in contact with? - Ans-sterile tissue The function of gastro intestinal system is to - Ans-Provide the body with nutrients. A liver biopsy would be performed to check for which disease? - Ans-Hepatitis C Virus The growth of pathogenic bacteria in living tissue is called - Ans-Sepsis Nosocomial infection can be prevented by all of the ff. EXCEPT - Ans-Increasing the patient length of stay. Healthcare workers are most likely to be infected by which of the following agents? - Ans-Hepatitis B A staff member brings several contaminated trays to the sterile processing department on a cart and request that replacement trays be put on the same cart. The technician should? - Ans-Clean and dry the transport cart and send it to Distribution for the trays. When manually cleaning devices, all of the ff. personal protective equipment (PPE) should be worn EXCEPT - Ans-a plastic apron over the scrub suit Which of the ff. BEST describes the manual cleaning process of surgical instruments? - Ans-Cleaning/brushing the instruments beneath the water level A technician working in Decontamination notices that the maintenance person working on the washer/sterilizer did not remove the barrier attire when the person left the area to get additional tools. The technician should? - Ans-Report the problem to your supervisor While delivering sterile supplies to multiple nursing units, the sterile processing technician is asked by a unit secretary to take an opened and used tray of instruments? Back to the Decontamination area. Which of the ff. Is the BEST procedure to use? - Ans-Return for the used tray completing all deliveries using the appropriate collection cart. When preparing a set of instruments for processing in a washer decontaminator, the instruments should be positioned with the? - Ans-Retractors on the bottom of the basket and the hand held instrument on the top. The PH of detergent solution that has been demonstrated to be the safest for cleaning surgical instruments is? - Ans-Neutral Which of the ff. solutions is generally considered MOST appropriate for high - level disinfection of semi critical devices? - Ans-2% activated glutaraldehyde The effectiveness of any chemical disinfection process depends on all of the ff. EXCEPT? - Ans-Cost of the chemical After manually cleaning contaminated surgical instruments, the NEXT step in the decontamination process is. - Ans-Rinsing Generally, the first step in loosening blood soils from the channels of an instruments is to soak it in? - Ans-An enzymatic detergent When cleaning an intravenous (IV) pumps, it is important to use germicide on the pump surface in order to - Ans-Reduce the bioburden present on the equipment The chemical disinfectant that leaves a residual film is ? - Ans-Phenolics A tray of instruments hass been brought to the decontamination area in a saline solution. Which of the ff. actions should the technician take? - Ans-Rinse them with water and then clean them according the manufacturer's instruction. The MOST commonly recognized halogen is? - Ans-Sodium hypochlorite When working in the decontamination are, transmission of pathogenic organism from used surgical instruments can BEST be minimized by. - Ans-Wearing appropriate personal protective equipment. Paper- plastic pouches are generally used to package? - Ans-One to two light weight instruments When using the sequential wrapping method? - Ans-Apply one wrapper followed by a second one. Surgical grade instruments, if properly cared for usually last longer that the floor grade instruments because they have a - Ans-Passivation layer [Show More]

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