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Microbiology Lecture Final Exam Practice Test Questions and answers. Rated A+

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Which of the following statements is true of the prokaryotes? A. they contain endoplasmic reticulum B. they do not contain a nucleus C. they are larger than eukaryotes D. they contain specializ... ed organelles E. some are multi-cellular - Ans-B Which of the following does not apply to viruses? A. they need a host to multiply B. they are more complex than prokaryotes C. they are referred to as parasites D. they are not considered living E. they are composed of hereditary material surrounded by a protein coat - Ans-B Who is known as the "Father of Bacteriology and Protozoology?" A. Antonie van Leeuwenhoek B. Francisco Redi C. Louis Pasteur D. Ignaz Semmelweis E. Joseph Lister - Ans-A This man developed a vaccine for rabies. His name is? A. Louis Pasteur B. Joseph Lister C. Anton Van Leeuwenhoek D. Paul Ehrlich E. Alexander Fleming - Ans-A Which of the statements below supports the theory of spontaneous generation? A. Louis Pasteur's experiments with the swan-necked tubes B. germ theory of disease C. living things arose from non living things D. maggots were the offspring of flies - Ans-C Whose experiments finally disproved the theory of spontaneous generation? A. Francesco Redi B. Louis Pasteur C. Walter Hesse D. Elie Metchinkoff E. Paul Ehrlich - Ans-A Philipp Semmelweis's concept of asepsis in the medical setting consisted primarily of what technique? A. sterilization of bandages B. hand washing C. destroying endospores D. the use of antibiotics - Ans-B Which of the following was the first antibiotic that was discovered? A. tetracycline B. ciprofloxacin (Cipro) C. augmentin D. penicillin E. streptomycin - Ans-D Who discovered the first antibiotic? - Ans-Alexander Fleming What is the smallest and most specific of the levels of classification? A. domain B. species C. family D. genus E. phylum - Ans-B Which of the following is correct? A. Vibrio Cholera B. vibrio cholera C. Vibrio cholera D. Vibrio cholera E. Vibrio cholera - Ans-Vibrio cholera (underlined or italicized) Which of these is not a Koch's postulate? A. agent must be found in all cases of the disease B. the organism must be competent C. the disease organism must be isolated in pure culture D. inoculation of healthy susceptible animal must lead to the same disease E. the organism must be recovered from the inoculated animal - Ans-B Binomial system of nomenclature refers to? A. genus B. species C. genus species D. species genus E. both C and D - Ans-C What is a prion? - Ans-infectious misfolded protein Resolution is a product of ________ and __________. A. ocular, objective B. iris diaphragm, condenser C. ocular, refractive index D. condenser, objective - Ans-A? Bending of light as it travels from one medium to another describes ________. A. refraction B. parfocalization C. reflection D. absorption - Ans-A Fluorescent microscopy uses ________ as a source of illumination. A. visible light B. ultraviolet light C. argon laser D. electrons - Ans-B What are the uses of Fluorescent microscopy? - Ans-diagnosing infections caused by specific bacteria, protozoans, and viruses Immersion oil is used to A. reduce refraction B. reduce resolution C. increase refraction D. increase resolution - Ans-A What is the resolution of a bright field microscope? - Ans-0.2 um Which of the following allows visualization of viruses? A. Compound light microscope B. SEM C. Dark field microscope D. Nomarsky microscope. E. Phase contrast - Ans-B The ability to see two closely-spaced items as separate and distinct units is termed ________. - Ans-resolution Which of the following is the best for visualizing interior cellular structures of living organisms? A. Bright-Field microscope B. Differential interference contrast (Nomarski) C. Phase contrast microscope D. TEM E. Both B and C - Ans-E The total magnification of an image collected with a compound light microscope is determined by the product of the ________ and ________. - Ans-ocular; objective This staining method uses water as a decolorizing agent. A. simple stain. B. Schaeffer-Fulton C. negative stain. D. Ziehl-Neelsen E. capsule stain - Ans-B What organisms does the Schaeffer-Fulton stain identify? - Ans-spore forming bacteria Bacillus and Clostridium species The Ziehl-Neelsen acid-fast stain is used to detect members of the genus A. Bacillus. B. Mycobacterium. C. Salmonella. D. Shigella. - Ans-B What reagents are used for the Ziehl-Neelsen stain? - Ans-Carbol fuchsin Acid Alcohol Methylene blue Organize the following in the order of application. 1=Crystal violet 2=Safranin 3=Alcohol 4=Iodine A. 2, 1, 3, 4. B. 2, 3, 4, 1. C. 1, 4, 3, 2. D. 1, 3, 4, 2. - Ans-C Which of the following is mismatched? A. negative stain - arrangement B. acid-fast - mycolic acid (lipid-layer) C. gram stain - initial step in differentiation of bacteria D. hanging drop - motility in microbial cells E. spore stain - staining endospores - Ans-A Matching: genetic material A. cell walls. B. cell membranes. C. DNA. D. ribosomes E. capsule F. flagella - Ans-C Matching: virulence factor A. cell walls. B. cell membranes. C. DNA. D. ribosomes E. capsule F. flagella - Ans-E Matching: protein synthesis A. cell walls. B. cell membranes. C. DNA. D. ribosomes E. capsule F. flagella - Ans-D Matching: motility A. cell walls. B. cell membranes. C. DNA. D. ribosomes E. capsule F. flagella - Ans-F Matching: holds cytoplasm [Show More]

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