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Lifeguard online exam questions & answers. Garaded 2022..

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You and another lifeguard are preparing for CPR on an adult who collapsed in the locker room. You determine that there is no breathing or pulse and state, "Victim has no pulse. Begin CPR." Which of th... e following should the other lifeguard do next? - Ans-Begin chest compressions You and a fellow lifeguard are giving ventilations using a BVM. You position the mask over the victim's mouth and nose. What should the other lifeguard do? - Ans-Squeeze the bag with both hands You are providing care to a patron who started choking on some food. The victim becomes unresponsive. Which of the following should you do first? - Ans-Lower the victim to the ground and begin CPR starting with chest compressions An AED indicates that "no shock is advised." Which of the following is most appropriate to do next? - Ans-Perform CPR for about 2 minutes. All of the following are components of scene size-up EXCEPT: - Ans-Checking for responsiveness. You are providing care to an adult who is unresponsive and not breathing as a result of a drowning. You give your first ventilation before performing CPR and notice that the chest does not rise. Which of the following should you do next? - Ans-Re-tilt the victim's head and then attempt another ventilation. Which of the following should you do first when approaching the scene of an emergency? - Ans-Size-up the scene while forming an initial impression. You are providing care to a conscious infant who is choking. When giving chest thrusts, which of the following would you use? - Ans-Two or three fingers A patron has slurred speech, is unable to lift their right arm level with their left arm and is unable to smile without one side of their face drooping. You make note of the time the symptoms started. These are symptoms of: - Ans-A stroke. [Show More]

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