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Pharmacology HESI V2 Preparation Questions and Answers Latest Updated 2022 Graded A

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Pharmacology HESI V2 Preparation Questions and Answers Latest Updated 2022 Graded A A client is prescribed phenobarbital sodium (Luminal) for a seizure disorder. The medication has a long half-lif... e of 4 days. Based on this half-life, the medication will most likely be prescribed A. once a day. B. twice a day. C. three times a day. D. four times a day. Correct Answer-ANS: A Medication with long half-lives remain at their therapeutic levels between doses for long periods of time. Therefore, this medication can be administered once a day. A nurse educator is reviewing medication dosages and factors that influence medication metabolism with a group of nurses. Medication dosages may need to be decreased for which of the following reasons? (Select all that apply.) A. Increased renal excretion B. Increased medication-metabolizing enzymes C. Liver failure D. Peripheral vascular disease E. Concurrent use of medication metabolized by the same pathway Correct Answer-ANS: C, E Liver failure decreases metabolism and thus increase the concentration of medication. This may require decreasing the dosage of medication. When two medications are metabolized in the same way, they may compete for metabolism, thereby increasing the concentration of one or both medications. Increased renal excretion may decrease concentration of the medication, requiring increased dosage. Increased medication-metabolizing enzymes can decrease the concentration of the medication. The dose might need increased. Peripheral vascular disease may impair distribution, and more of the medication may be needed. A nurse s preparing to administer eye drops to a client. Which of the following are appropriate nursing interventions related to this procedure? (Select all that apply.) A. Using medical aseptic technique B. Asking the client to look up at the ceiling C. Having the client lie in a side-lying position D. Dropping medication into the center of the client's conjunctival sac E. Instructing the client to close the eye gently Correct Answer-ANS:B, D, E The medication should be dropped into the center of the conjunctival sac to promote better distribution of the medication. The client should close the eye gently to allow improved distribution of the medication. Surgical aseptic technique is used to administer eye drops. The client should be sitting or in a supine position to facilitate proper administration of eye drops. A nurse is completing discharge teaching to a client who has a new prescription for a transdermal medication. Which of the following statements by the client indicates understanding of the teaching? A. "I will clean the site with an alcohol swab prior to applying the patch." B. "I will rotate the application site weekly." C. "I will apply the patch to an area of skin with no h [Show More]

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