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LATEST HESI PN Nutrition Practice Exam. Answered and Graded A+

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The practical nurse (PN) is caring for a client who was recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes mellitus (DM). What information is most important for the PN to reinforce with the client about life-sty... le changes - Ans-Portion-controlled, heart healthy diet selectiions The practical nurse (PN) suspects that a male client is altering his own diabetic journals to please his healthcare provider. Which laboratory test should the PN review to evaluate the clients compliance with self management for type 1 diabetes mellitus (DM)? - Ans-Hemoglobin A1c. The Practical nurse (PN) is evaluating a client for an increased need of B12 after undergoing a subtotal gastrectomy. Which foods should the PN recommend that the client include in the diet. - Ans-Cheese, eggs, and fish. The home health practical nurse (PN) is caring a client with a stage III pressure ulcer. Which food groupthat contains zinc should be added to the client's dietto aide in wound healing? - Ans-Meats and shellfish The practical nurse (PN) receives four new admissions in an assisted living community. After reviewing the clients' medical histories, which client should the PN evaluate for a higher caloric diet? - Ans-A client with bacterial pneumonia. The practical nurse (PN) is assisting and Orthodox Jewish client who has dementia make weekly dinner choices in an assisted living community. Which main course selections should the PN suggest that are suitable for a kosher diet? - Ans-Lamb chops with mint jelly. The practical nurse (PN) is evaluating the client's knowledge of low-sodium menu selections. Which food items listed by the client confirm appropriate choices? (select all that apply.) - Ans-A. White rice with steamed vegetables. B. Cottage cheese with sliced tomatoes. A client who is lactose intolerant asks the practical nurse (PN) for suggestions about different food sources that are enriched in calcium and vitamin D. Which foods should the PN suggest? - Ans-Fortified soy products. The practical nurse (PN) is reviewing guidelines to manage stress incontinence with a female client. Which dietary change should the PN emphasize that will benefit the client? - Ans-Avoid alcohol and caffeine. The practical nurse (PN) is reviewing the dietary recommendations with the client who had a partial gastrectomy and experienced dumping syndrome. Which statement by the client indicates that the recommendations were understood? - Ans-Fluids should be limited to eight ounces with meals. The practical nurse (PN) is reviewing a list of foods with the family that are recommended for an older client who recently had a total colectomy and colostomy. Which food item should the PN discuss about including in the client's postoperative diet? - Ans-Chicken noodle soup. The practical nurse (PN) interviews a client who had a total colectomy 2 weeks ago. The client claims to be confident in the management of the new colostomy, but is having problems managing the odor. What suggestions should the PN provide the client to help decrease odor in the colostomy bag? (select all that apply) - Ans-A. Eat foods containing yogurt. C. Drink a glass of buttermilk. D. Eat sprigs of parsley. The practical nurser (PN) reviews self-care with a male client who is newly diagnosed with cirrhosis. Which vitamin deficit due to liver damage should the PN discuss with the client that increases his susceptibility of bleeding? - Ans-Vitamin K. The practical nurse (PN) is caring for a client with continuous feeding through a nasogastric (NG) tube at a continuous care rehabilitation community. Which position should the PN place the client to prevent aspiration? - Ans-Semi [Show More]

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