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CLG 0010 Latest Review Questions with Answers Fall 2022/2023

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CLG 0010. Latest Review Questions with Answers. Fall 2022/2023 who is responsible for verifying proof of delivery for all govermentwide commercial purchase card transactions during the monthly tran... saction review? - Ans-approving/billing official what is the cardholder statement of account? - Ans-A document reflecting all purchases and credits that have been posted to the CH's account during a 30-day billing cycle. cardholers who have been formally granted the appropriate authority in their letter of delegation may use the govermentwide commercial purchase card to make simplified aquisitions up to $25000 outside the united states and its jurisdictions. - Ans-true which three of the following describe the governmentwide commercial purchase card? - Ans-1. used to make mission-essential purchases 2. similar in nature to a commercial credit card 3. reduced invoicing costs cardholders may be granted authority to use their governmentwide commercial purchase card accounts to make payments against contracts - Ans-true which of the following terms is defined as "the intentional use of the government-issued charge card in violation of applicable regulations"? - Ans-abuse what is the artificial intelligence data mining platform that automatically analyzes the dod's governmentwide commercial purchase card data to identify high-risk transactions? - Ans-insight on demand (iod) which three of the following statements about convenience checks are true? - Ans-the cardholder can dispute a convience check after payment has been made, convience checks must be secured in a locked container, funds must be available to cover the check value and the bank's processing fee cardholders who hold an ordering officer delegation must follow compnent procedures for order placement. these procedures will address requirements related to which three of the following? - Ans-competition, public notification, small business splitting what would have been an $11000 purchase into two transactions, each of which falls under the micro-purchase threshold, is: - Ans-appropriate as long as the proper approvals have been obtained 10 united states code 2784 require [Show More]

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