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Prophecy Core Mandatory Part 2 All Questions Answered & Graded.

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Prophecy Core Mandatory Part 2. All Questions. Answered & Graded. What does a comprehensive systematic analysis following a sentinel event help identify? - Ans-The contributory factors associated w... ith the event. Which of the following is part of the integrated Ethics model? - Ans-supports ethical behavior in everyday interactions in the workplace What is an example of patients' rights? - Ans-Patients are entitled to refuse an experimental drug. Acceptable patient identifiers included - Ans-Name and Birthday Which of the following are good practice when listening to patients - Ans-Show your genuine interest in the patients replies. What is the intention of universal protocol - Ans-Prevent Wrong Site Wrong Procedure, Wrong Person Surgery Goals of end of care - Ans-Ensure the decision made are consistent with the values and desires of patient Which of the following components will assist in improving the effectiveness of communication for critical lab and diagnostic procedures. - Ans-Reporting critical test results on a timely basis according to policies and procedures. which type of therapy poses risk to patients due to complex dosing. - Ans-Anticoagulation Therapy Essential component of cultural competence for healthcare workers according to Joint commission - Ans-Valuing Diversity Important concept of being a patient advocate - Ans-Accepting the patient's decisions important to remember when caring for adults 80 and over - Ans-There is no reason to assume mental decline had occurred Which example qualifies as a sentinel event that would require review by the Joint commission - Ans-A patient who commits suicide within 72 hours of discharged from a hospital setting that provides staffed around the clock care What is a sentinel event - Ans-An event that affects a patient causing death harm or intervention required to sustain life. important principle for the healthcare professional to provide ethical care - Ans-Allow patients the right of self determination regarding health care decisions According to Joint Commission's ethical standard....of the following is accurate concerning your role of as a healthcare worker - Ans-you must safeguard confidences and privacy at all times Which of the following is the patients responsibility - Ans-to ask for pain relief when pain first begins When delivering care you need to determine which type of language in patients? - Ans-primary what should patients be told when they have a grievance regarding any part of the are provided to them - Ans-Be told about the process involved in filing a complaint When must two patient identifiers be used - Ans-collecting a blood specimen Which of the following is an example of a non-judgemental question? - Ans-What do you think caused your illness What practices do interpreters use to improve communication? - Ans-Use of words that are appropriate to both providers and patients What should you assess regardless of age group - Ans-confusion or depression Which of the following is accurate concerning patient rights - Ans-health information must be provided in a language that patients understand What is "sandwich generation" mean - Ans-The generation responsible for caring for their parents and their children questions missing - Ans-question missing Which of the following is and example of an ethical dilemma - Ans-A medical device company buying a trip to New York City for a physician, as a thank you for using their device during a surgery MOST important ways to address healthcare-associated infections - Ans-improving hand hygiene of the healthcare staff What is the term for an event incident or condition that could have resulted in harm to a patient - Ansclose call Which of the following is accurate concerning nonverbal communication - Ans-touching another person's head is considered offensive in some cultures [Show More]

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