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NURSING 222 Maternity Intrapartum CareMATERNITY INTRAPARTUM NURSING CARE Labor and Delivery Processes, Pain Management, Fetal Assessment During Labor, Nursing Care During Stages of Labor, Therapeuti... c Procedures to Assist with Labor and Delivery, Complications Related to the Labor ProcessLabor and Delivery Processes PRECEDING LABOR: Backache, Weight loss, Lightening-fetus head drops into pelvis (easier breathing, more pressure on bladder), Braxton Hicks, Increased vaginal discharge or bloody show, energy burst (nesting), and less common GI changes, Cervical ripening, ROM ASSESSMENT OF AMNIOTIC FLUID Clear, watery, pale, straw yellow with no foul odor. 500-1200 mL. Nitrazine paper to determine if amniotic fluid is present. Cervix should dilate 1 –1.5 cm per hour. Every state and phase is shorter if it’s not the first pregnancy. TRUE LABOR—CONTRACTIONS Contractions become regular in frequency. Stronger, last longer, more frequent. Felt in lower back radiating to abdomen. Walking can increase intensity. Continue despite comfort measures TRUE LABOR –CERVIX Progressive change in dilation and effacement. Moves to anterior position. Bloody show. TRUE LABOR-FETUS Presenting part engages in pelvis. FALSE LABOR-CONTRACTIONS Painless, irregular, intermittent. Walking decreases duration and frequency. Felt in lower back or above umbilicus. Often stop with sleep [Show More]

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