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Portage Learning Set M1. Biochemistry Quizzes and answers. Rated A+.

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What are three ways that biochemists study biological organisms? - Ans-the relationship between structure and function of biomolecules, 2) chemical reactions of organisms (metabolism), and 3) communic... ation within and among organisms What is the definition of biochemistry? - Ans-The chemistry of life What is another name for firefly? - Ans-Lightening bugs Is Li an element common in biological organisms? - Ans-No What is known as the "medium of life"? - Ans-Water What is the bond angle associated with trigonal pyramidal shape? - Ans-107.5 degrees Are transition metals commonly found in biological organisms? - Ans-Yes True or false: Water can make up 85% (by mass) of a living organism. - Ans-True True or false: Large elements tend to make the strongest covalent bonds. - Ans-False Name three bulk elements. Name three trace elements. - Ans-Bulk: Hydrogen, Sodium, Potassium Trace: Iron, Cobalt, Nickel Differentiate between inorganic chemistry and organic chemistry. - Ans-Organic chemistry focuses on the properties of carbon compounds. [Show More]

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