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NURS 1341-MED-SURG HESI practice questions and answers-from the Saunders book

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NURS 1341-MED-SURG HESI practice questions and answers-from the Saunders book The nurse is preparing to assist a client with a cuffed tracheostomy tube to eat. What intervention is the priority b... efore the client is permitted to drink or eat? Inflate the cuff Rationale: If a client with a tracheostomy is allowed to eat and the tracheostomy has a cuff, the nurse should inflate the cuff to prevent aspiration of food or fluids. The cuff would not be deflated because of the risk of aspiration. The nurse has implemented a bowel maintenance program for an unconscious client. The nurse would evaluate the plan as best meeting the needs of the client if which method was successful in stimulating a bowel movement? Glycerin suppository Rationale: The least amount of invasiveness needed to produce a bowel movement is best. Use of glycerin suppositories is the least invasive method and usually stimulates bowel evacuation within a half-hour. A client is readmitted to the hospital with dehydration after surgery for creation of an ileostomy. The nurse assesses that the client has lost 3 lb of weight, has poor skin turgor, and has concentrated urine. The nurse interprets the client's clinical picture as correlating most closely with recent intake of which medication, which is contraindicated for the ileostomy client? Biscodyl CONTINUED..... [Show More]

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