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ADH 1 Leadership in Nursing Exam 2

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ADH 1 Leadership in Nursing Exam 2 1. Which of the following interventions would be considered ‘skilled’ nursing care? • Medications reconciliation • Telemedicine • IV medication admin... istration • Bed bath and massage - care giver • Wound care management 2. A community planning document included the following goal/outcome statement “More fresh food options will be made available to community residents.” using the SMART framework, what can you conclude about this statement? • It is not measurable • It is not specific • Timing is not considered • All of the above conclusions are correct 3. A nurse caring for a patient with Hepatitis B (HBV) infection sustains a needlestick injury during an invasive procedure. What actions should be taken to prevent her from becoming infected with HBV? • Taking antibiotics • Abstaining from sexual intercourse • Excellent hand hygiene • Immunoglobin therapy 4. A nurse is caring for a client who is a different culture from himself. The client describes how he came from Poland and adapted to the customs of the United States. This adaptation is known as: • Acculturation • Ethnocentrism • Cross-cultural • Trans-cultural 5. Which of the following interventions would be considered ‘skilled’nursing care? Select all that apply. • Wound care management • Iv medication administration • Telemedicine consultations • Medications reconciliation • Bed bath and massage [Show More]

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