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Pediatrics Chapter 31 NCLEX The __ __ (__) test reflects glucose control over a period of time.  glycosylated hemoglobin (HbA1c) The glycosylated hemoglobin test (HbA1c) reflects glycemic level... s over a period of months. Values are found to be elevated in virtually all children with newly diagnosed diabetes. This study also helps to confirm the results of blood and urine tests done either at home or by the physician. REF: Page 709 The pediatric nurse is providing discharge instructions to parents whose infant is prescribed Synthroid for the medical diagnosis of hypothyroidism. Which statement made by the mother indicates a knowledge deficit?  “I am looking forward to my child being able to stop this medication.” Medication is not to be discontinued because the replacement for hypothyroidism is lifelong.REF: Page 705 What are the initial signs of diabetes insipidus?  Polydipsia and polyuria Polydipsia and polyuria are the initial signs of diabetes insipidus.REF: Page 705 Which lab tests and results can be used to identify diabetes mellitus type I?  Fasting blood glucose (FBG) >126 mg/dl  Glucose tolerance test (GTT) concentration >200 mg/dl  Glycosylated hemoglobin test (HgbA1C) >9%  Urine ketone testing-positive These lab values all help with the diagnosis of diabetes mellitus type I except CBC and AST/SGOT. CBC with elevated bands indicates infection. Aspartate aminotransferase (AST/SGOT) indicates a liver dysfunction or impairment.REF: Page 708 Which deficiency causes Tay-Sachs disease?  Hexosaminidase Tay-Sachs disease involves a deficiency of hexosaminidase, an enzyme necessary for the metabolism of fats. REF: Page 704 [Show More]

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