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HESI Entrance Exam - MATH Practice Questions and Answers 100% Correct

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A nurse is reviewing the daily intake and output (I&O) of a patient consuming a clear diet. The drainage bag denotes a total of 1,000 mL for the past 24 hours. The total intake is: 2 8oz cups of coffe... e1 16-oz serving of clear soup1 pint of water consumed throughout the dayHow much is the deficit in milliliters? 2 8 oz cups = 16 oz 1 16 oz soup = 16 oz 1 pint water = 16 oz 16+16+16 = 48 48oz X 30 (conversion to milliliters) = 1440 1440 - 1000 = 440 A women received a bottle of perfume as a present. The bottle contains 1/2 oz of perfume. How many milliliters is this? 15 ml The metric system of measurement was developed in France during Napoleon's reign. It is based on what multiplication factor? 10 To convert pounds to kilograms, what factor is used? 2.2 A teacher's aide is preparing a snack for the class. In order to prepare the powdered drink, the aide must convert the directions to metric. The directions say, "Dilute contents of package in 2 quarts of water." The aide has a measuring device marked in liters. How many liters of water should be used? 1.9 How many milliliters are in 1 liter? 1,000 A seamstress is measuring a model for a new dress. The tape measure is marked in centimeters. The seamstress needs to convert that measurement into inches. If the model's waist measurement is 65.4 centimeters, what is that in inches? 25.74 inches (method / divide) There are 2.54 centimeters in an inch. How many centimeters are in 1 foot? 30.48 A newspaper kiosk sells 10 varieties of newspapers from around the world. The average daily sales for some of the varieties are as follows:English language newspapers eight papers, sells 25 of each paper each dayFrench language newspapers two papers, sells one of each paper each dayKorean language newspapers one paper, sells 16 each dayJapanese language newspapers eight papers, sells 16 of each paper each day Russian language newspapers one paper, sells 22 each day How many of these newspapers are sold each day? 368 A hospital day staff consists of 25 registered nurses, 75 unlicensed assistants, five phlebologists, six receptionists and office staff, and 45 physicians. One summer day the staff was at only 68% strength. How many people were working that day? 106 A farmer raises chickens for eggs and meat. Any chicken that does not lay at least one egg a week is moved to the slaughterhouse. The farmer has 765 chickens that can lay one egg each day. Each day 80% of the chickens lay eggs. How many eggs does the farmer collect each day? 612 Last night at the hospital 76 babies were born. Of the births, 45% were girls. How many boys were born last night? 42 [Show More]

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