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Basic Life Support Exam A (25 questions and 100% correct answers)

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Basic Life Support Exam A (25 questons) Please do not mark on this exam. Record the best answer on the separate answer sheet. 1. While performing high-quality CPR on an adult, what acton should you... ensure is being accomplished? A. Maintaining a compression rate of 90 to 120/min B. Placing hands on the upper third of the sternum C. Allowing the chest to recoil 1 inch D. Compressing to a depth of at least 2 inches Use this scenario to answer the next 2 questons: A 53-year-old woman collapses while gardening. She is unresponsive, is not breathing, and does not have a pulse, A neighbor, who is an emergency medical technician, rushes to her with an AED. 2. When the AED arrives, what is the frst step for using it? A. Apply the pads to the patent's chest B. Clear the patent C. Turn on the AED D. Press the shock buton 3. Afer the AED pads are atached to the victm's bare chest, the AED detects ventricular fbrillaton. What is the next step when using an AED? A. Check the victm for a carotd pulse B. Follow the AED prompts C. Clear the patent D. Press the shock buton This study source was downloaded by 100000823742721 from CourseHero.com on 06-13-2022 16:37:44 GMT -05:00 https://www.coursehero.com/file/64739320/Basic-Life-Support-Exam-Adocx/4. What should you do if you need to use an AED on someone who has been submerged in water? A. Do not move the victm, and do not use the AED B. Pull the victm out of the water, but do not use the AED C. Pull the victm out of the water, and wipe the chest D. Do not pull the victm out of the water, but wipe the chest before placing pads 5. How can rescuers ensure that they are providing effectve breaths when using a bagmask device? A. A Observing the chest rise with breaths B. Delivering breaths quickly and forcefully C. Always having oxygen atached to the bag D. Allowing air to release around the mask 6. What rato for compressions to breaths should be used for 1-rescuer infant CPR? A. 5 compressions to 1 breath B. 20 compressions to 2 breaths C. 15 compressions to 2 breaths D. 30 compressions to 2 breaths 7. What is a consideraton when you are using an AED? A. You should never remove a transdermal medicaton patch before applying AED pads B. On a hairy chest, the pads may not stck and may fail to deliver a shock C. AEDs can be used while a victm is submerged in water D. You should not use an AED on someone with an implanted pacemaker Use this scenario to answer the next 2 questons: A 9-year-old child has suddenly collapsed. Afer confrming that the scene is safe, a single rescuer determines that the child is in cardiac arrest, shouts for nearby help, and actvates the This study source was downloaded by 100000823742721 from CourseHero.com on 06-13-2022 16:37:44 GMT -05:00 https://www.coursehero.com/file/64739320/Basic-Life-Support-Exam-Adocx/emergency response system. He immediately begins performing high-quality CPR. Two additonal rescuers arrive to assist in the resuscitaton atempt. 8. What actons should occur next, to support a team-based resuscitaton atempt? A. 2 rescuers alternate using the AED and giving breaths B. 1 rescuer gives CPR while the other 2 wait for advanced life support to arrive C. 2 rescuers alternate giving high-quality chest compressions D. 2 rescuers operate the AED while the third rescuer gives breaths 9. Two rescuers begin high-quality CPR while the third rescuer leaves to get the AED. What acton supports 2-rescuer CPR? A. Alternatng the AED role every 2 minutes B. Alternatng the compressor role every 2 minutes C. Alternatng giving rescue breaths every 3 cycles D. Alternatng giving shocks every 3 cycles 10. "Members of the team know their boundaries and ask for help before the resuscitaton atempt worsens." Match this statement with the most appropriate element of team dynamics listed. A. Knowledge sharing B. Summarizing and reevaluaton C. Constructve interventon D. Knowing your limitatons 11. A victm with a foreign-body airway obstructon becomes unresponsive. What is your frst course of acton? A. Start CPR, beginning with chest compressions B. Roll the victm over and perform back blows C. Perform abdominal thrusts D. Perform blind fnger sweeps 12. Why is defbrillaton important? This study source was downloaded by 100000823742721 from CourseHero.com on 06-13-2022 16:37:44 GMT -05:00 https://www.coursehero.com/file/64739320/Basic-Life-Support-Exam-Adocx/A. It prevents rearrest from occurring B. It is not important for cardiac arrest C. There is a 100% success rate in regaining a normal cardiac rhythm D. It can restore a regular cardiac rhy [Show More]

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