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Quiz Version 1 - Integration Study Guide. Liberty University

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What does McMinn believe Christian counseling should primarily focus on? - Empirically validated Christian counseling model of personality, mental health, and therapy - Intradisciplinary integration a... nd informed consent. According to McMinn, this foundational competence for integration is insufficiently emphasized in most Christian counseling program 2. According to Entwistle, what does the Enemies model of integration (Christian Combatants subtype) assert? Christians opposed to any integration of scientific and philosophical psychology with Christian counseling. - Scripture stands above creation as an area for exploration and learning - Religion and psychology are not related and should address their own issues - psychology is the enemy of Christianity - Psychology and religion (Christianity) are fundamentally incompatible. - Rejection and Eradication. - Nouthetic Counseling—people are not sick but sinful, the use of psychology is idolatrous, the care of the soul belongs solely to the church, Scripture is sufficient for all psychological needs. VS Jay Adams - Mixing psychology and the theology is heretical reaction against anti-religious sentiment of some psychologists 3. According to Entwistle, what does the Enemies model of integration (Secular Combatants subtype) assert? Pg. 192,195 - Religious worldview cannot achieve its end; it is an enemy to scientific development. - religion is the enemy of psychology - Scientific thinking is incompatible with religious belief o A secular combatant believes in psychology and science but rejects Christianity Freud, Ellis and famous atheists (Freud; religion I neurosis, mechanistic physiology, human rationality, scientific method) o Religion is infantile need that can be supplanted by science and truth 4. According to Entwistle, what does the Neutral Parties model (also known as the Levels of Explanation model) assert? Pg. 181 - There can be no actual conflict between faith and psychology because they occupy distinct and non-interacting spheres Page 1 of 10 CEFS 671 - psychology and theology are completely independent disciplines; However there may be parallels between the findings of psychology and theology. 1. Live and let live 2. Levels of Explanation Model 3. Parallels Model 4. Pastors handle spiritual problems and mental health professionals handle emotional problems 5. Religious or Christian commitments of these scientists/counselors are compartmentalized - Physiological neutrality: a person committed to profession of psychology simultaneously holds religious but not necessarily Christian beliefs - Psychology and theology are distinct disciplines- lacks committed to Christian orthodoxy and is simply spiritual or religious - Christian neutrality: a person committed to the profession of psychology simultaneously holds specifically Christian beliefs 5. According to Entwistle, what does the Allies model assert? Pg. 184 - God is the author of all truth and all things are [Show More]

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