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PMHNP Comprehensive Exam 100% Correct Question And Answers With Complete Solution.

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AIMS - Abnormal Involuntary Movement Scale for 8 and older 12 item tool to assess symptoms of tardive dyskinesia for patients taking antipsychotics Rating 0-4, >2 to diagnose TD and reduce dose B... ARS - Barnes Akathisia Rating Scale for 8 and older 4 item tool to assess objective and subjective symptoms of akathisia with antipsychotics and/or SSRIs CRS-R - Connors Rating Scales - Revised for 3-17 ADHD Parent (80 items) and Teacher Scales (59 items) Low T-score of 61= mildly atypical; >70 = markedly atypical Subscales for Oppositional Behaviors, Cognitive Problems, Hyperactivity, ADHD Index, Anxious-Shy, Perfectionism, Social Problems, DSM-IV Subscales and Connors' Global Index Vanderbilt ADHD Parent and Teacher - 55 parent, 43 teacher items for 6-12 Initial assessment rates symptoms and impairment in academic and behavioral performance ASRS-1 - Adult ADHD Self-Report Scale, 16 and older Two-part Screening Part A: 6 questions, 4 symptoms suggest ADHD Part B: 12 questions to clarify and quantify AUDIT-C - Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test - Consumption, > 13 [Show More]

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