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Exam Cram NCLEX-PN PRACTICE QUESTIONS (103 Questions with 100% Correct Answers) Best Solution Guide

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the nurse is caring for a client scheduled for removal of a pituitary tumor using the transsphenoidal approach. the nurse should be particularly alert to: A. Nasal congestion B. Abdominal Tendernes... s C. Muscle Tetany D. Oliguria - ✔✔A. Nasal congestion why? removal of the pituitary gland is usually done by transsphernoidal approach through the nose. Nasal congestion further interferes with the airway. A client with cancer is a, admitted to the oncology unit. Stat lab values revel Hgb 12.6, WBC 6500, K+1.9, uric acid 7.0, Na+136, and platelets 178,000. The nurse evaluates that the client is experiencing which of the following? A. Hypernatremia B. Hypokalemia C. Myelosuppression D. Leukocytosis - ✔✔B. Hypokalemia why? Hypokalemia is evident from the lab values listed. The other laboratory findings are within normal limits. making answers A,C and D incorrect A 24 year-old female client is scheduled for surgery in the morning. Which of the following is the primary responsibility of the nurse?A. taking the vital signs B. obtaining the permit C. explaining the procedure D. Checking the lab work - ✔✔A. taking the vital signs why? the primary responisblity of the nurse is to take the vital signs before any surgery. answers B,C and D are the responsibility of the doctor. The nurse is working in the emergency room when a client arrives with severe burns of the left arm, hands, face, and neck. which action should receive priority? A. starting an IV? B. Applying oxygen C.Obtaining blood gas D. Medicating the client foe pain - ✔✔B. Applying oxygen why? the client with burns to the neck needs airway assessments and supplemental oxygen, so applying oxygen is priority. the next action should be to start an IV and medicate for pain. The nurse is visiting a home health client with osteoporosis. The client has a new prescription for alendronate (Fosamax). Which instructions should be given to the client A. rest in bed after taking the medication for at least 30 mins B. Avoid rapid movements after taking the medication C. Take medication with water onlyD. Allow at least 1 hour between taking the medicine and taking other medications - ✔✔C. Take medication with water only why? Fosmax should be taken with water only. The client should also remain upright for at least 30 mins after taking the medication. The nurse is making initial rounds on a client with a C5 fracture and crutchfield thongs. Which equipment should be kept at the bedside? [Show More]

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