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The three types of hazards that make food unsafe - ✔✔biological, chemical, and physical Bacteria, viruses, parasites, and fungi that cannot be seen, tasted or smelled are known as - ✔✔Pathog... ens A food handler spills sanitizer into the fryer and then lets its soak into the grease. What type of hazard is this - ✔✔Chemical A food handler cleans dirty dishes using hot water and then puts them away with the rest of the clean dishes. This is an example of - ✔✔poor cleaning and sanitizing A food handler washes hands and changes gloves after prepping hamburgers and before chopping lettuce. The food handler is - ✔✔practicing good personal hygeine A food handler who was called away while prepping a bowl of fruit put the bowl of fruit in the cooler. This is an example of - ✔✔controlling time and temperature A food handler uses different cutting boards to chop raw beef and slice melons. This is an example of - ✔✔preventing cross contamination The proper order os steps of handwashing are - ✔✔Wet, Apply soap, Scrub, Rinse, Dry During the hand washing process you should scrub for - ✔✔10 - 15 seconds (Washing hands for a total of 20 seconds) Hands should be dried with - ✔✔a single-use paper towel [Show More]

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