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ServSafe Manager Practice Exam 2023. The Most Tested 180 Questions with 100% Correct Answers)

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Which unused items may be re-served to another customer? - ✔✔Prepackaged items such as soup crackers. What is NOT considered a safe way to thaw frozen meat? - ✔✔Under hot running water. How... should a cloth used for wet-wiping be stored? - ✔✔In a bucket of sanitizing solution. Where should the scoop for the ice machine be stored between uses? - ✔✔In a protected and designated location. Which symptom must be reported to your regulatory authority when it afflicts a food handler? - ✔✔Jaundice. What is a thermocouple? - ✔✔A metal probed thermometer. What is an acceptable method for cooling hot TCS food before storage? - ✔✔In an ice water bath. Why must ground meats be cooked to a higher temperature than whole cuts of meat? - ✔✔More pathogens reside on the outside of meat and grinding redistributes the pathogens throughout the meat. If a TCS food will be hot held for service, what is the minimum internal temperature that this food must maintain while being held? - ✔✔135° F Raw ground beef and pork should be cooked to an internal temperature of 155° F for how many seconds before serving? - ✔✔17 seconds.A food handler has a wound or a boil on their hand or wrist. What is an appropriate course of action? - ✔✔Wear an impermeable bandage and cover with a single-use glove. What is the FIFO method (first-in, first-out)? - ✔✔Storing food items so that the oldest is used first. What symptom is most commonly associated with foodborne illness? - ✔✔Diarrhea. What is an example of a physical contaminant? - ✔✔Bones in chili. What should you do if food shipments are not delivered at the correct temperatures? - ✔✔Reject the delivery. What is the proper sequence to effectively sanitize dishware, utensils, and equipment? - ✔✔Scrape, wash, rinse, sanitize, air dry. Hand washing stations are required in which areas? - ✔✔In food prep, service, and dishwashing areas. What is the best approach to dealing with pests? - ✔✔Deny pests food, water, and shelter. Work with a licensed pest control operator (PCO). Deny pests access to the operation. [Show More]

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