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Certification study guide for NHA CBCS Exam Questions with Answers. Graded A+

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Certification study guide for NHA CBCS Exam Questions with Answers. Graded A+ Medical Ethics - Ans-Standards of conduct based on moral principals. Acting within ethical behavior boundries means ca... rrying out one's responsibilities with integrity, decency, respect, honesty, competence, fairness and trust. Compliance Regulations - Ans-Most billing related cases are based on HIPAA and the False Claims Act. HIPAA is an acronym for - Ans-Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996. Category 1 CPT codes - Ans-Medical Procedures. Category 2 CPT codes - Ans-Supplemental Codes for Performance Measures. Category 3 CPT codes - Ans-Emerging Technologies. Add on Codes - Ans-Used for procedures that are always performed during the same operative session, as another surgery in addition to the primary service/procedure and is never performed separately. Anesthesia is found - Ans-00100-01999, 99100-99140. Evaluation and Management (E&M) codes - Ans-Are listed first in the CPT manual because they are used by all the different specialties. Brackets - Ans-Used to enclose synonyms, alternative wording or and explanatory phrase.Bullets - Ans-Represents a new procedure or service code added since the previous edition of the manual. Chief Complaint (CC) - Ans-The reason the patient came to see the physician. Circle with a line through it (�) - Ans-Exemption from modifier 51. CPT - Ans-Used to report services and procedures by physicians. E&M codes - Ans-99201-99499 Guidelines are found - Ans-At the beginning of each section and used to provide specific coding rules for that section. History (HX) - Ans-The set of information the physician gathers from the patient concerning his/her past. History of Present Illness (HPI) - Ans-A chronological account of the development of the complaint from the first sign or symptom that the patient experienced to the present. [Show More]

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