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● Raynaud's syndrome: avoid factors that initiate vasoconstriction such as cold, stress, and caffeine intake ○ A female client who works as a data entry clerk is concerned as to how her recent ... diagnosis of Raynaud's syndrome is going to affect her job performance. Which instruction should the nurse provide this client? A. Use a space heater to keep the workplace warm B. Obtain a keyboard designed to limit wrist flexion C. Keep both hands elevated during work breaks D. Take a multivitamin that contains vitamin D daily ● Burning with urination, frequency, urgency = symptoms of cystitis: may be related to hypertension: BP will be less than 140/80 ● Diverticulosis frequently asymptomatic until the diverticula becomes inflamed ● Hyperparathyroidism with acute flank pain: strain all urine (could be kidney stones) ● Unstable angina to reduce cardiac overload > Place commode at bedside for toileting ● Leukopenia: Precautions should be taken to protect the client because of weaken immune system ● In severe acute adrenal insufficiency > monitor pulse/ blood pressure ● Tuberculosis test: erythema without induration between 48-72 hours is is considered negative ● Lupas teaching: Emphasize the importance of taking prescribed corticosteroids accurately ● Pre Op assessment checklist: most immediate problem is clients low potassium ● Herpes zoster (shingles) educate patient about protecting family members ● Cataract post op care: stool softener ● Aplastic anemia: Monitor signs of bleeding & blood products should be administered as prescribed ● Renal calculus: Pain should be first assessment ● Meningitis: Lumbar puncture ● Normal finding in AV fistula: Enlarged vein ● Diabetes & blurred vision: The clients A1C will be less than 7.0% ● Heart failure assessment: Respiratory, cardiac, and renal function ● GERD & painful swallowing: Typically present in severe cases of GERD (Determine if client is taking medication) ● Type II diabetes: Blood pressure, current serum glucose, and respiratory status should be assessed ● Influenza: Oxygen saturation (First intervention) due to client exhibiting shortness of breath ● Asthma meds: Albuterol Questions that were on the HESI: A client with eczema is using an OTC topical product with urea 10% OTC (Aqua Care Cream) to the affected skin areas. Which finding reflects the expected therapeutic response. A. Hydration of affected dry skin areas B. Healing with a return to normal skin appearance C. Reduced pain in eczematous areas D. Decreased weeping of ulcerations in affected area A male client who reports feeling chronically fatigued has a hemoglobin of 11.0 grams/dl (110 mmol/L or SI), hematocrit of 34% and microcytic and hypochromic red blood cells. Based on the findings, which dinner selection should the nurse suggest for the patient? A. Beef steak with steam broccoli and orange slices B. Cheese pasta and a lettuce and tomato salad C. Broil white fish with a baked sweet potato D. Grill shrimp and seasoned rice with asparagus salad. The nurse learns in changes of shift report that x-ray report for newly admitted client indicates consolidation in the left lower lung. What action should the nurse take? A. Administer a PRN dose of a bronchodilator. B. Complete an assessment of respiratory status C. Demonstrate use of incentive spirometer. D. Prepare a client for chest tube insertion Two hours before a client's scheduled surgery, the nurse is completing the preoperative checklist. Which information requires the most immediate action by the nurse? A. Surgical consent form is not signed B. Preoperative serum potassium level is 2.8 mEq/L (2.8mmol/L) C.Preoperative chest x-ray report is not available D. Client's pulse oximeter reading is 96% The nurse is assessing a client's arteriovenous (AV) fistula. Which finding provides evidence of its normal function? A. Ecchymotic area B. Enlarged vein C. Pulselessn [Show More]

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