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NURSING 120-Med surg 1 quiz 1-with verified answers-2022

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The patient tells the nurse in the preoperative setting that she has noticed she has a reaction when wearing rubber gloves. What is the most appropriate intervention? a. Notify the surgeon so the c... ase can be cancelled. b. Ask additional questions to assess for a possible latex allergy. c. Notify the OR staff immediately so that latex-free supplies can be used. d. No intervention is needed because the patient's rubber sensitivity has no bearing on surgery. Correct answer: b Rationale: The nurse should ask additional screening questions to determine the patient's risk for a latex allergy. Latex precaution protocols should be used for patients identified as having a positive latex allergy test result or a history of signs and symptoms related to latex exposure. Many health care facilities have created latex-free product carts that can be used for patients with latex allergies. A 59-year-old man is scheduled for a herniorrhaphy in 2 days. During the preoperative evaluation, he reports that he takes ginkgo daily. What is the priority intervention? a. Inform the surgeon, since the procedure may need to be rescheduled. b. Notify the anesthesia care provider, since this herb interferes with anesthetics. c. Ask the patient if he has noticed any side effects from taking this herbal supplement. d. Tell the patient to continue to take the herbal supplement up to the day before surgery. Correct answer: a Rationale: Ginkgo can increase bleeding during and after surgery. The surgeon should determine how long it should be discontinued before surgery. A 17-year-old patient with a leg fracture is scheduled for surgery. She reports that she is living with a friend and is an emancipated minor. She has a statement from the court for verification. Which intervention is most appropriate? CONTINUED......... [Show More]

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