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CNA Practice Questions – Prometric Questions with Answers. Rated A+

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CNA Practice Questions – Prometric Questions with Answers. Rated A+ While watching the residents in the dining room, a nurse aide notices tht a resident is eating very little lunch. It is most im... portant that the nurse aide... A. Check if the resident was snacking before the meal B. Ask if the resident would like something else to eat C. Remind the resident that dinner is several hours away D. Check when the resident last had a bowel movement - Ans-B A resident with dementia says, "I need to get home. My daughter's school bus is coming soon." The nurse aide knows the resident is confused because her only daughter just turned 60. What is the best response by the nurse aide? A. "Let's go see if Bingo has started yet. You love Bingo." B. "Remember you are in a nursing home. Your daughter is all grown up." C. "Do you mean you great-granddaughter? Your daughter just turned 60." D. "What do you like to do with your daughter when she gets home from school?" - Ans-D A resident reports that his wristwatch is missing. The nurse aide should ask... A. if the resident thinks someone took it B. if the resident has checked the lost and found box C. who was assigned to the resident on the previous shift D. for permission to help look around the resident's room - Ans-D According to Standard Precautions, the nurse aide should wear gloves for which of the following procedures?A. Getting linen from a linen cart B. Removing soiled linen from a bed C. Performing range of motion exercises D. Transferring a resident to a shower chair - Ans-B A nurse aide is assigned to provide postmortem care for a resident, but has never done this procedure before. Which of the following is the most appropriate response by the nurse aide? A. Ask another nurse aide to trade assignments B. Provide the care since the resident cannot be harmed C. Talk to other nurse aides about how to perform the procedure D. Discuss the nurse aide's lack of experience with the nurse - Ans-D When caring for a resident who is comatose, the nurse aide is expected to A. provide mouth care once a day B. avoid changing the resident's position C. talk to the resident while providing care D. keep the resident's room dark and quiet - Ans-C A resident has a contracture of the right arm. When putting on the resident's button-front shirt, the nurse aide should... A. put the shirt sleeve on the left arm first, then the right arm B. ask which arm the resident prefers the sleeve to go on first C. put the shirt sleeve on the right arm first, then the left arm D. raise the resident's arms up to slide both sleeves on at the same time - Ans-C The nurse aide can help the resident have regular bowel movements byA. making sure the resident gets a lot of rest B. providing a routine time for the resident to toilet C. giving the resident cereal for breakfast every morning D. keeping a bedpan within reach while the resident is in bed - Ans-B The care plan requires that the resident be ambulated 100 feet twice a day at 10 am and 2pm. When the nurse aide arrives to walk the resident at 10am, the resident refuses. Which of the following is the best response by the nurse aide? A. "Maybe you can plan to walk a little further this afternoon?" B. "The doctor ordered your walking exercise. You really need to try." C. "You have the right to refuse. Do you want me to tell the nurse?" D. "Would you prefer to walk a little later?" - Ans-D While helping the resident to get dressed, the nurse aide observes that the resident's breathing is faster. The resident says she feels tired. What should be the nurse aide's first action? A. Dress the resident quickly. B. Check the resident's vital signs. C. Stop the dressing to let the resident rest. D. Go to find a nurse to check the resident. - Ans-D A resident says she is 5 feet 6 inches tall. When the nurse aide measures the resident's height, the resident is 5 feet 4 inches. What should the nurse aide do? A. Record the resident's height at 5 feet 4 inches. B. Record the resident's height at 5 feet 6 inches. C. Explain that older people shrink with aging. D. Measure the resident again. - Ans-D [Show More]

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