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Environmental Science Final: Straighterline. Questions with Answers. LATEST. Graded A+.

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Environmental Science Final: Straighterline. Questions with Answers. LATEST. Graded A+. The small amount of dissolved oxygen found in warm water is considered a __________ to the success of many f... ish species. - Ans-limiting factor Environmental Science is an interdisciplinary area of study that deals with all of the following except - Ans-all of the above Primary succession is - Ans-a progression that begins with a total lack of organism Parasite that lives on the outside of its host - Ans-ectoparasite Human impact on temperate forests include.. - Ans-all of these are correct (farming, logging, population centers) One of the major resources of the Great Lakes and Northeast is - Ans-water transport There's a conflict between the desire to preserve wilderness and livestock management in the - Ans-dry West Carbon enters the carbon cycle in the form of - Ans-atmospheric carbon dioxide Believed that "wilderness mirrors divinity, nourishes humanity, and vivifies the spirit" - Ans-John Muir Grizzly bear habitat is altered by logging - Ans-forested westWhich of the following organisms is a secondary consumer? - Ans-wolf Which naturalist stated that only government control could save California sequoia groves? - Ans-John Muir In the wilderness North much of the land - Ans-is owned by the government The relationship between frogs and insects is an example of - Ans-a predator-prey relationship Central region of an atom. - Ans-nucleus When energy is converted from one form to another, the loss of energy is usually in the form of - Ansheat Early stages of succession that begin te soil-building process - Ans-pioneer community A hybrid vehicle - Ans-contains an internal combustion engine AND an electric motor [Show More]

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