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NHA Billing and Coding Practice Test (CBCS), NHA CBCS Certification. Accurate Answers with Questions. Graded A+

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NHA Billing and Coding practice test (CBCS), Accurate Answers with Questions. Graded A+ The attending physician - CORRECT Ans=A nurse is reviewing a patients lab results prior to discharge and dis... covers an elevated glucose level. Which of the following health care providers should be altered before the nurse can proceed with discharge planning? The patients condition and the providers information - CORRECT Ans=On the CMS-1500 Claims for, blocks 14 through 33 contain information about which of the following? Problem focused examination - CORRECT Ans=A provider performs an examination of a patient's throat during an office visit. Which of the following describes the level of the examination? Reinstated or recycled code - CORRECT Ans=The symbol "O" in the Current Procedural Terminology reference is used to indicate which of the following? Coinsurance - CORRECT Ans=Which of the following is the portion of the account balance the patient must pay after services are rendered and the annual deductible is met? Place of service - CORRECT Ans=The billing and coding specialist should divide the evaluation and management code by which of the following? Cardiovascular system - CORRECT Ans=The standard medical abbreviation "ECG" refers to a test used to access which of the following body systems? add on codes - CORRECT Ans=In the anesthesia section of the CPT manual, which of the following are considered qualifying circumstances? 12 - CORRECT Ans=As of April 1st 2014, what is the maximum number of diagnosis that can be reported on the CMS-1500 claim form before a further claim is required?Nephrolithiasis - CORRECT Ans=When submitting a clean claim with a diagnosis of kidney stones, which of the following procedure names is correct? Verifying that the medical records and the billing record match - CORRECT Ans=Which of the following is one of the purposes of an internal auditing program in a physician's office? The DOB is entered incorrectly - CORRECT Ans=Patient: Jane Austin; Social Security # 555-22-1111; Medicare ID: 555-33-2222A; DOB: 05/22/1945. Claim information entered: Austin, Jane; Social Security #.: 555-22-1111; Medicare ID No.: 555-33-2222A; DOB: 052245. Which of the following is a reason this claim was rejected? Operative report - CORRECT Ans=Which of the following options is considered proper supportive documentation for reporting CPT and ICD codes for surgical procedures? Verify the age of the account - CORRECT Ans=Which of the following actions should be taken first when reviewing delinquent claims? Claim control number - CORRECT Ans=Which of the following components of an explanation of benefits expedites the process of a phone appeal? Bloc 24D contains the diagnosis code - CORRECT Ans=A claim can be denied or rejected for which of the following reasons? Privacy officer - CORRECT Ans=To be compliant with HIPAA, which of the following positions should be assigned in each office? encrypted - CORRECT Ans=All e-mail correspondence to a third party payer containing patients' protected health information (PHI) should be [Show More]

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