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Urine culture with UTI (ANS- 100.000 colonies in asymptomatic: bacteruria 10 - 10.000 colonies in symptomatic patients but also pyuria pyuria: more than 10 leukocytes elevated erythrocytes with... pyelonephritis WBC in urine false positive with tumor, urethritis and poor collection technique Repeat in pregnant women Lower urinary tract UTI and upper urinary tract UTI (ANS- bladder and urethra: cystitis/ urethritis/ prostatitis kidney and ureters: pyelonephritis/ renal abcess Uncomplicated and complicated uti (ANS- Uncomplicated: in normal working urinary tract Complicated: defects in urinary tract or with other health problems Common pathogens for UTI (ANS- E.coli (elderly women) Staphylococcus proteus mirabilis (elderly men) Klebsiella enterecoccus pseudomonas Providencia (institutionalized) Fungus: candida Risk factors for UTI (ANS- Female critically ill elderly catheter (caused by biofilm) DM calculi, tumor, stricture neurogenic bladder Women: sexual intercourse or new sex partner pregnancy previous UTI Men: prostate enlargement prostatitis lack of circumcision gay HIV Findings UTI (ANS- Lower: Dysuria/ urgency/ frequency/ incontinence suprapubic pain hematuria fever/ chills uncommon No flank pain Upper: flank pain fever and chills hematuria n/v ams (in elderly) malaise tachycardia/ tachypnea [Show More]

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