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AQA GCSE BUSINESS Paper 1 Influences of operations and HRM on business activity

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AQA GCSE BUSINESS Paper 1 Influences of operations and HRM on business activity Section A box Answer all questions in the spaces provided. For questions with four responses, only one answer per q... uestion is allowed. For each question completely fill in the circle alongside the appropriate answer. CORRECT METHOD WRONG METHODS If you want to change your answer you must cross out your original answer as shown. If you wish to return to an answer previously crossed out, ring the answer you now wish to select as shown. 0 1 . 1 Which of the following characteristics of an entrepreneur is the ability to develop new ideas/products? [1 mark] A Determined B Hard working C Innovative D Organised 0 1 . 2 Which of the following describes the chain of command? [1 mark] A The allocation of a task to someone who would not normally be responsible for it. B The line of authority within a business along which communication passes. C The number of employees directly managed by another employee. D The number of layers of authority in a business’ organisational structure. 3 *03* Turn over ► IB/G/Jun21/8132/1 Do not write outside the box 0 1 . 3 Which of the following is a definition of a part time contract of employment? [1 mark] A An employee shares the responsibilities of a single job with another employee. B An employee works a number of hours equal to a normal working week. C An employee works a specific amount of time, then the contract will end. D An employee works for fewer hours than a normal working week. 0 1 . 4 Which of the following is the formula for total costs? [1 mark] A Fixed cost per unit + variable cost per unit B Total variable costs + average unit costs C Total variable costs + fixed costs D Variable cost per unit × number of units 0 1 . 5 Which of the following is the next stage in the selection process after the closing date for job applications? [1 mark] A Advertise the job B Design the person specification C Hold interviews D Match applications to the job description [Show More]

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