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BSN C493 Portfolio WGU - Western Governors University This portfolio represents my professional nursing growth. Western Governor university prepared me to advance my education professionally. Th... is portfolio contains best practice skills, projects and examples of patient’s assessment and evidence of reaching my goals professionally. It also contains goals to continue to learn and improve nursing instruction. 1, My professional nursing mission statement: I Began to working in hospital as CNA. I provided basic care to patients. Assested elderly patient with daily activities such as, giving a bathing. I have always work with compassion and enjoying helping others. Helping and changing others peoples life gives me the satisfaction and happiness. Working in hospital setting inspired me to further my education so that I can do more in nursing profession. I received my RN license after two years hard work. As a register nurse I want to put a positive impact in my all patients live and meet their needs. It is my obligation to make sure all patient and family are treated with compassion, respect and dignity. I am accountable to provide high level of care to all patients regardless of their religion, gender, age, nationalities and other factors that may influences their health care outcomes. As a registered nurse I want to focus my time and energy serving my patients with compassion and dedication to improving health awareness among patient. Study shows that patient who understand their illness and can comprehend with their care than those who do not (Cornett,2009) Once I receive by BSN degree, I am going to study to becoming Orthopedic certified nurse. Furthering my education will give me the opportunity to provide care with evidenced based practice . I enjoy focusing my time and energy working and helping my patients. I love and enjoy working on advancing in my career. I have been working at Cedar Sinai hospital for almost 3years now, it is one of the big Hospital in LA and I am blessed to be part of this organization. They encourage nurse to pursuit their educations. Cedar Sinai provide financial assistance to nurses to help professional growth. I continue to keep up with recent study. I eventually want to work in OR department. [Show More]

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