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NCSBN questions & Answers,. Summer 2022, Rated A+ masterpiece

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NCSBN questions & Answers,. Summer 2022, Rated A+ masterpiece pregnancy induced hypertension complications - Ans-preeclampsia which may turn into eclampsia prior to, during, or after delivery (up t... o 10 days) the clinic nurse is assisting with medical billing. The DRG manual is used for what? - Ans-find reimbursement for a medical diagnosis The prospective payment plans for reimbursement of medicare clients is found in the - Ans-diagnosis related group (DRG) manual what is a orchiectomy? - Ans-removal of the testicles leaving the scrotum and penis. what are the testicles responsible for - Ans-the productions of testereone what does an orchiectomy do for the patient with advanced prostate cancer - Ans-relieve symptoms, prevent complications, and prolongs survival what is priority nursing care in a patient who has undergone an orchiectomy - Ans-pain management separation anxiety is the most stressful in which age group - Ans-toddlers risk factors for hypertension - Ans-male >45 years old, female >65 years old, blacks, family history, overweights, inactive, smoking, too much salt and alcohol, too little potassium and vit D, stress, chronic conditions hyperglycemic hyperosmolar nonketotic state (HHNS) signs and symptoms - Ans-plasma glucose >600, high serum osmolality, dehydration, pH >7.3, alteration in consciousness, type 2 diabetes (ill, noncompliant), hypovolemiaA group of conditions that affect movement, balance and posture refers to which disease - Ans-cerebral palsy what are risk factors for cerebral palsy - Ans-prematurity, infections during pregnancy, and asphyxia during L&D A child with cerebral palsy will present with - Ans-delays in learning to roll over, sit, crawl, or walk what is alka-seltzer - Ans-an OTC aspirin-antacid [Show More]

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