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KPER 3470 Midterm 1 | 132 Questions with 100% Correct Answers

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Where and how much can glucose be stored - ✔✔Muscle, as glycogen - 1600kcal or in liver, 400 kcal how many atp does etc produce - ✔✔32 atp Where do lipids store glycerol - ✔✔in adipose ... tissue Pyruvate - ✔✔3 carbon, end product of glycolysis, if there is enough O2 it goes to mitochondria, if not it becomes lactate VO2 and what it depends on - ✔✔rate of o2 consumption - energy demands, 02 delivery to mito, ability of mito to convert atp SV - ✔✔amount of blood ejected by heart per min FICK - ✔✔rate of consumption/production - flow times difference 2 ways to measure vo2 - ✔✔1. blood- co2 x difference of o2 content vs artieral and venous blood 2. respired air - min ventilation x dif in o2 content w/ inspired and expired air what determines how efficent atp delivery is - ✔✔enzyme acitvity and # of mito what does vo2 depend on - ✔✔o2 delivery and o2 metablosim (effect of training) Hematocrit - ✔✔% of blood with rbc, 40% EXAM - how are the e in etc removed - ✔✔by oxygen atoms how many connections does H,O,N,C - ✔✔1,2,3,4 TG - ✔✔one glycerol and 3 fa, fa are always same 3, always even amount of carbon what kind of reaction is phosphorlylation - ✔✔anaerobic alactic, one chemical reaction what are the 4 roles of carbs - ✔✔energy, protein spacer, metabolic primer, cns fuel recommended carb intake - ✔✔40-50% of cal, up to 70% if active 6-10 g per kg what does intense and light exercise rely on - ✔✔intense: carbs [Show More]

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